Mouse for VR..?

VR users know how difficult it can be to operate a mouse in VR. I prefer a trackball, because it stays where I left it.
Sometimes I have to let go of the stick, to operate the trackball. This made me want a small mouse, that I could operate with my left hand. Just being able to use the left and right mouse buttons and a scroll wheel, would be great.

I recently came across this little guy.

The Swiftpoint GT.
It’s a very small mouse, that you pinch between your fingers, almost like a pen. It’s not designed to be used leftie, but it works, without being too awkward.

It also has a magnet, and a plate that can be used to stow it on your throttle, or such.

I’ll test it and see how it goes…


Good luck with the mouse–I’ll be interested with the results.

Have you ever considered a touch pad?

I had a hemorrhagic stroke in 2018 that effected the right side of my body–I’m right handed. Initially completely paralyzed that side–now pretty much full use–some weakness–some numbness. However, as I was recovering I had issues with using a mouse–just an issue of regaining my eye-hand coordination, exacerbated by some pretty good numbness in my right hand/fingers.

For other reasons, I ended up getting a MacBook Air and started using the touch pad with my left hand. A bit awkward at first but better than a right hand mouse. I quickly got used to it and now (as I write this) that’s all I use on my Macs (added a touch pad to my big Mac and put it on the left side).

But for my PCs running flight sims (FSX, X-Plane and DCS) I’ve just continued to use a mouse…a right-handed mouse. Why? Now that I read your post, I don’t know. But I may have to give a touch pad a try.

Yes, I have a Logitech T650, but as many modules depend on right and left click with drag, and scrolling, I found that a trackball worked better.

Hmmmm…I haven’t tried a PC touch pad. Mac touch pads do the Left Click drag and Right click. In fact, the way I highlighted your phrase to quote was with a “left click drag”, except on the Mac it is a one finger click-drag. Right click is two fingers. Scrolling (mouse wheel) is two fingers (light touch-no click) drag up/down.

So yes, if a PC touch pad doesn’t perform that way then it would not work…and now that you mention it, I think they usually have “click buttons” along with the touch pad - so you are stretching/contorting your hand…or using two hands! Yikes!

Interested to know how the new mouse works for you.

I found a left-handed trackball that I ordered from Amazon last year. I found it’s really excellent for that quick left-hand need to manipulate a switch, etc. My only two complaints are first: it’s only wireless. Bit annoying to have to remember to turn it off at the end of flying. Second: the mouse buttons are very light so easy to click, but you get used to it after a while. But yeah, very light on the activation. So happy at some point I"ll order another as a replacement - just in case.


Why did this never come out of the prototype stage?

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How about this ?

did anything ever come out of this?

was this posted already ?

yes it was and yes I do want one :vr:

I see now, as always, you find it when you post it :slight_smile:

Just ordered a cordless trackball mouse for VR … the Logitech ERGO M575 …

I’ve always HATED trackball mice, esp. for first person shooters. Back in the day when we had LAN parties in the office playing Duke Nukem 3D, Quake and Descent, I used to ANNIHILATE a guy playing with a trackball mouse LOL! He was blown away with my skill but I used to tell him, “Dude, you gotta use a normal mouse in FPS’ … way more control!”. He didn’t get it as he was a diehard trackball mouse user.

Anyhoo, the year 2021 rolls around as does MSFS2020, DCS and VR and I think a trackball mouse is going to be a no brainer as I’ve heard some guys mention here (@PaulRix, @Troll etc).

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I didn’t go back up this thread yet but, in case there are those that are unaware - you can assign a button on your HOTAS (My Virpil Throttle has more buttons that I know what to do with) as the Left Mouse Button. Look at the switch; click button (if the cursor isn’t up already - it times out - it will appear) to activate the switch. Not as functional as my mouse but useful for simple input.

You can do more if you have the HOTAS bits:

PS: The trick though: the cursor can get off-center. I’ve gotten into the habit of re-centering it in my view when done.


I like the trackball for VR simming, particularly with DCS. It’s not perfect, but you can place the device pretty much anywhere (ie on your right leg) which makes it easy to find with muscle memory. Hope you like it @Elby .

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Nice find, Troll! I like the looks of that. Right now I’m using a trackball velcro-mounted to my sim. Once I start building the frame of my hornet sim (eventually… Working on panel parts for now), I want to incorporate a touchpad somewhere unobtrusive, but what you found might be even better.

The question for me is where to put it. The F-14 has a really great spot for a touchpad to be incorporated into the forward right console, but in the bug that area’s pretty full. Your new mouse could be stuck just about anywhere it seems. Nice.

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