Moving DCS to another drive... Is it really this easy?

So I got tired of removing modules because DCS is so big. Today I took the plunge and moved it to my new 1TB M.2 SSD. All i did was use Skatezillas tool to point it to the Saved Games directory and it works. I then removed the old install. Everything seems to be working… I put this off too long.


To answer your question, yup its really that easy.
Did that move a month or two ago and I was so surprised!

Right!? It used to be a real PITA. But this time everything went so smooth…

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Same here. Worried for nothing. Easier than most every other program out there surprisingly.


What they all said ^^^

Seems it sorta works like a website: all sub-folders & data (‘pages’) are referenced from the location (X:\Eagle Dyanamics…) of the dcs.exe binary - doesn’t matter where it all is when you double-tap the dcs.exe file.

As for the “C:\Users\Saved Games\DCS Open Beta…” I’m not sure as I’ve never messed with that - at first glance it looks like it always looks there so shouldn’t be moved. I have deleted (AFTER RENAMING IT so I don’t lose mod data and such) the “…Saved Games\Open Beta…” folder to clean things up every now an then.

It will re-create this folder on the next start, with default options. You can copy your key binds files over from the renamed folder.