MSFS - Add-ons and Releases thread

Post your official or unofficial scenery, aircraft, utilities that are pending or released for MSFS!

So a bit of old news in that Orbx will be offering up some products quickly after the launch of MSFS (they may already be in the MSFS DLC menu)…

Slopey - the developer for Air Hauler / Air Hauler 2, got access to MSFS about a week ago and posted this:

To be perfectly honest, with it on max settings, it’s comparable to P3D with OrbX True Earth, and Active Sky installed. It’s pretty much that out of the box. However, that’s with max settings. On my 1080, I need to lower it to about 75% quality to get a smooth frame rate, and at that level, it’s less impressive. Tree draw distance is still an issue, which it isn’t in P3D for example.

Some things I’ve noticed - the flight handling dynamics are much improved, certainly for the light singles. They stall (both power on/off) much closer to the real world. Cockpit interiors are nice, good shadows, the camera is a bit of a pain until you remap the controls. Pressing “Space” moves your eyepoint up to a higher position which I really like for landings (I’d usually notch it up a few steps myself on final in previous sims).

Weather effects are excellent, and the cloud rendering is really good - especially emerging out of cloud. It has “live” traffic which is difficult to test currently when there’s so little real world traffic around, but there’s the usual AI traffic also, and you can set it to show other FS2020 users (which I’d likely never use as it’ll be full of idiots buzzing the tower), but it will be useful if you want to do a multiplayer session with your VA/friends for example.

All in all, I think it probably would replace FSX for me. For P3D, that’s a little more maybe/maybe not largely because of the large number of addons I have (mostly scenery/airports) for P3D. FS2020 is good, but it’s not a quantum leap up from a full Orbx P3D install just yet.

I’ve been quite enjoying X-Plane recently (much to my surprise), but I think I’ll move back away from it for my normal simming into FS2020 - X-Plane, again, with decent scenery add-ons, is good, but the lack of traffic (which you can get round with JF’s Traffic product), terribad ATC and the wierd way it handles accelerated time is a big turn off for me.

So - is it good? Yeah - especially if you have a rig that can run it at max. But if you’re already running a full P3D implementation with loads of add-ons - you won’t see that much difference out of the box. However, I guess the point is that you’re getting all that right out of the box with FS2020, whereas you’d need hundreds of £/$/EUR at the Orbx store to make P3D look like that above the base (subscription) product.

Nothing to share at the moment regarding AH2. I really want to get an FSX/P3D update out this next week first before I start ripping the guts out to see how to integrate with FS2020 properly.

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OrbX London, by GamerMuscleVideos.
At 1:05 he has the best definition of a flightsimulator, ever… :wink:


I picked this up… kind of a must have if you have London City Airport. My only criticism is that they have HMS Belfast pointing in the wrong direction. I have my settings cranked up high, and with this pack, plus OrbX’s EGLC, and weather, it all runs a lot smoother than XP11 with OrbX TE and EGCC.

I also jumped on the reduced pricing for the other OrbX airports that I already had for XP11… I’m itching to get my hands on some decent aircraft, hopefully soon.


Send them across the river to the Tower. Hung drawn and quartered. :slightly_smiling_face:

Should be an easy fix for them.

I’m just playing spot the house, I’m not sure my neighbours would be pleased their farmhouse is a tower block. :laughing:

But wow… it’s spectacular.


Yeah - I was under no illusions that MSFS wouldn’t be another money sink for me and my chosen hobby. I’m happy to have more stuff to play with…so it doesn’t bother me at all.

With that said, I only went for three of the options in the new Orbx lineup for MSFS - Orcas Island, Tacoma Narrows, and Innsbruck. Took a moment today to give Orcas Island a tour and it is (predictably) fantastic.


It would be nice if there could be a map filter or specialized map icon in the pre-flight World Map for add-on airports that you’ve added through the default store or 3rd party vendors. The high detail airports are a yellow star…so it would be nice to have like a blue or red star as 3rd party stuff too.

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I just want to de-G1000 most aircraft :sweat_smile:

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first free add-on?


Great to see some free drag-drop new projects. Cool!

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Some free liveries coming out today. Will be nice to see something non default:

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So far is everything managed through the store UI, even free?

honestly, that for me is a big win versus other platforms. I like the idea of a Steam like UI that lets me browse, shop, download, manage, and automatically update right in the sim. What really made Xplane hard to get into the past few months, was like FSX/P3D, I felt like I spent as much time tuning/tweaking/installing/chasing down error messages, updates, etc. as I did actually flying.

FSX was even worse. It was like a classic car; once in a while it puts a smile on your face, but you spend more time muttering to yourself under the hood than actually driving it.

We’ll see how long I can stick to this, but I’m making a personal FS2020 policy of:
No Config/INI file diving.
No content that can’t be managed, integrated, and updated from within the sim.

Free stuff is meant to be available in the Marketplace, but it’s up to the developer to register. In this case Drzewiecki just did a dropbox zip file that you drop in the local install, so it’s still manual. The file structure has a ‘Community’ location to keep things clean, so at least no files need to be configured - you just drop the zip contents and go.


Is only Orcas Island included? I know there are some airports in some islands close by and was wondering if they might have been updated too. (ex, Friday Harbor, Blakely Island)

Well, not everything I suppose since ORBX Central installed the three airports I bought.

First developer to bork our installs gets burned at the stake… :fire:

I don’t know yet because the link for the manual doesn’t work in Orbx Central…

I’d assume whatever was in the fsx/x-plane release of orcas is in this one.

Edit: from this I’d say just kors.

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Well, the P3D version includes WA35 Clam Harbor and W49 Rosario…I haven’t fully explored the MSFS version yet…but there is a good chance they are in there…

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