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Ahhhhh. Good call. No i dont. Thats got to be it.

Looks like they are shortly going to release one more for some nose gear door fixes.

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Good heads up

Im having a ■■■■ experience w MSFS. I Updated everything. It gorgeous but the performance is in the toilet. What happened! I was in heaven last week. The 104 still at 8fps. The F-35. Keeps making a clicking sound. It drives me nuts and i cant figure it out. This sux

Ok. After much investigation there is a driver issue that makes the electric trimmer keep clicking. It only pertains to Electrical Trim Aircraft and some Hardware types. Im not about to toss my hardware but i can try a different joy…

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Well… Here is a new, relatively low-cost addon that aims to enhance the sim lighting for all default aircraft…

But does it really promise anything more than the already excellent free addons available? I used Uwas mod for quite some time and was quite happy with it, but when reinstalling MSFS never got around to using it again as the lighting was not that big an issue for me…

And there is also this apparently quite extensive freeware (updated for some third party planes) which I have not tried:

Apparently Zinertek also has a paid mod, but due to experience’s from years gone by, I don’t trust them further than I can one-hand-toss your average car, so…

[Release] World Update XVI: Caribbean is Now Available


I have a favor to ask. I play MSFS on XBOX exclusively. Update 14 ruined (for me) the stock Bell 407. I sent a bug report but MSFS replied that they could not duplicate and that it was possibly controller-related. The favor is simply this: using the “modern” FM and all assists set to full real, lift the 407 into a safe hover, high enough not to crash, say 10’. Now push the cyclic about halfway or more. No additional collective, no antitorque other than what you have already for the hover. Any cyclic direction is fine but forward is best. Report back what happens in yaw. Go back to a stable hover. Now apply full or near-full lateral cyclic. Compare the rate of attitude change with an equivalent pitch cyclic input. Report back what happens in roll and yaw.(PC and joystick/HOTAS preferred for this test) I have nothing to offer in return but my gratitude. THANKS!

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Missed opportunity to use Darude: Sandstorm in a release video.

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It’s fun! The key is to remember that it is not a helicopter.


Also, regarding my test request above, someone at did it and confirmed the bug. Thanks for playing!

EDIT: fixed the link

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So I’ve been wanting some to do the Ornithopter for a long time, and I appreciate that it’s not a helo. I do wish that they had been a little more believable on the physics. A 350 knot cruising speed that you can get to faster than a F-15c in full burner kind of kills it for me. Still gonna fly it around though!

Is it wrong that the only reason I would buy MSFS is for this and the Darkstar?


I… Have the Fenix, but really hardly ever use it.

Having to go through that big, funky bloatware interface just to get the thing to start when you boot up, and then once you are in the game, the plane itself doesn’t feel as “friendly” as the freeware Flybywire does…

Maybe if I was more of a diehard-hardcore perfectionist, I would equate the janky workflow with realism, but since I trend towards the more casual side, its just off-putting… :-/

I can understand that, but perhaps that has changed?

I bought the Fenix to help keep my head in the game for the real 320 while I am riding the pine for a bit.

Once I made my selections in the external program the first time, all I’ve ever had to do was select the jet in sim and launch like the any MSFS plane.

Yes, you get V speeds and select loads and external power through the in game EFB. But, lacking any actual paperwork, it doesn’t seem any more onerous than any in game liner.

Maybe worth a second look?

It honestly flies nicely and definitely better than the stock 320 (although FBW helps). :grin:

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I guess it might depend on how much one finds that stuff fulfilling, after the Nth time…