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I found this more elegant than the Asobo default guidance…

Animated Taxi Ribbon


Roger that. Hoping that the Bronco turns out well.

@MigBuster that Tornado video rocks. Must grab Airshow Assistant.


Btw in case you have not noticed, HB’s F-14 is now on sale on Orbx’s store for some 20 euros :star_struck:


LOLZ! Found on the web, some freebies for April Fools…

Happy April Fools 2024!
The paddle wheeler is like an aquatic bike, cheerfully powered by your legs cough rudder pedals. It’s a colorful, leisurely way to glide over water, offering a peaceful break from everyday life. Think of it as a mini adventure, where you pedal away at your own pace, surrounded by nature’s calming seas. Don’t forget to turn your rudder cough throttle in order to steer clear of danger!

This is a simulator version of the new highly secret Airbus prototype.
I’m not responsible for any addictions resulting from flying this aircraft.
The new Airbus A420 is the most environmentally friendly aircraft and you can grow it in your own garden.
Please check the regulations and laws in your country before using this product!

-9 leaf prototype propeller
-Special engines for better “fuel” consumption
-Refuling Joint
-Fly-by-Spliff controls
-Environmentally friendly

No smoking during flight!
Enjoy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Welcome to The Prehistoric Age! (Limited time free offer!)

Step back in time to when dinosaurs ruled the Earth and see yourself racing, flying and swimming with these pre-historic creatures.

Dinosaurs for MSFS enables you to be a time traveller to see the Earth roaming with these big lizards from our past. From the ferocious T-Rex to the gentle Stegosaurus, Dinosaurs for MSFS has them all. Get ready to marvel at the wonders of the Mesozoic Era as you learn about the different species, their habitats, and the fascinating facts that make them truly roar-some.

Race alongside them in our custom-made dino rally track (ICAO: PHJP). Located where the famous film series took place, our Jurassic Track will pit you against raptors as you weave in and around harping turns. Discover the remnants of a deserted campsite, but beware of the T-Rex on the loose.

Dinosaurs expands on the world we created with Animals for MSFS in ambitious ways that will surprise and delight you. Take flight and soar amongst the ‘Rulers of the Earth’.

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If you are playing on PC, outdated packages in your community folder may have an unexpected impact on the title’s performance and behavior.
If you suffer from stability issues or long loading times, move your community package(s) to another folder before relaunching the title.

How to install a new update safely

General Bug Fixes

  • Memory optimization improvements

Known Issues

  • In the Reno race mode, the P-51 Mustang is sometimes unable to complete all eight laps without running out of fuel.
  • The Reno race lap/time counter and instrument interface are sometimes not visible during a race.


We are confident to say that our OV-10 Bronco should be released today on MS Marketplace, on PC and Xbox. :star_struck:
Microsoft teams and us have been working hard for the final validation and we hope to be on the right track.

We know that many of you are also waiting for its availability on third-party stores.
We are currently preparing everything needed to target a release before end of next week.

To go through this last wait, here is another nice trailer from CaptainKenobi:


Heads-up, tha’ Bronco is now in tha’ Marketplace!


Looks interesting…


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I have posted these previously long ago, but it bears repeating for those who may have missed them. In my opinion these free clouds rival or actually exceed the beauty of any commercial package. Almost a must-have. (unless you have something against presets!)

  1. Here are options for a set of 20 or 70 cloudscapes with a spread of properties to provide beautiful and realistic environments for your flights.
  2. You might then be wondering what to expect, as sinful_regal did:

“This mod is amazing. I highly suggest you download it. You will never go back to Microsoft’s crap defaults again. Floyd’s clouds are integral to simming guys and girls. I didn’t know what to think, but after using it for the first time, it is well worth all the great reviews.”

Epic Cloud Features

  • The clouds have interdependent weather properties, including cloud cover, temperature, pressure, snow and wind speed.
  • Winds Aloft is included on each cloudscape, the prevailing wind direction is based on the climatic zone of the cloudscape and will affect your flight time at altitude.
  • Special Environments have been provided
  • Thermals for gliders
  • Directional winds for balloons

…find out more here

User Requests are included

  • Including the DCS style ‘Double Cloud Stack’ preset
  • Turbulence (gusting winds preset)
  • Persistent rain
  • The name includes cloud cover and temperature information using a choice of Fahrenheit or Celsius scales and two sort orders, just choose the installation that suits your preference.
  • Two sort orders and two temperature scales available so you can view the list in ‘cloud cover’ order or ‘name’ order. Both options are have Centigrade and Fahrenheit variants.
  • For more information check this User Guide

Epic Clouds & Live Weather?

  • I would like to provide dynamic clouds, but Microsoft hasn’t provided an official means to be able to do that. I do research this possibility from time to time but I don’t want to make something that could potentially fall apart after a sim update. See also: Frequently Asked Questions

Epic Clouds & FPS?

Each cloud preset has an FPS cost as does everything else in the sim. Translucent clouds use more than opaque ones. You can maximise your PC configuration for flight simulation here: How to Optimise MSFS for VR - Channel LFD Note: MSFS 2024 will access all your CPU cores and give you an increased capability to provide stutter-free flights.


Oohh that sounds great for gliders…

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Looks too much like work, no?

(Ref ‘bus MCP)

I’d be more worried about price!

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Watch out for the pointy end!


Well, Aerosoft has fallen quite a bit from the high place it previously occupied in my mind, but this looks very tasty/promising.

I have no idea what route I would fly from there, but I will almost certainly grab something this detailed…

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I am still waiting for their Baden-Baden (EDSB) scenery to finally being in the MSFS store.
I want to avoid third party tool hell in this sim as much as possible.

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Tell me about it. I was loosing track, so made a checklist.

MSFA Store add-ons
PMDG Operations Center app
Orbx Central app
Aerosoft One app
JustFlight products (Hawk, Black Square, etc.)
simMarket app
FlyByWire app
Blackbird / MilViz 310 (see page 9 of the manual)
Navigraph FMS Data Manager app