MSFS Electric trim Click Click!

Im trying to really get into MSFS again. The game is beautiful and the aircraft selection is awesome. However, its got some issues. Im trying to learn the FoxIndiaEco F-35. When i fly it the trimmer never stops clicking. I see some saying it was a problem back in 2021 w electric trim on some joysticks.
Im using a Virpil base and a TM F-18 joy. It makes the aircraft unplayable.
Has anyone ran into this?


Could there be a double assignment of the trim? Perhaps an axis assigned to the trim, as well as the trim switch?


Im checking that. Thank you.
The '35 is an amazing jet. Wish DCS had FIE as a third party

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You mean IndiaFoxtEcho?

Im Dyslexic, dont chu know? IFE it is.
I had the toggle tail hook on two assingnemts. That was the CLICK CLICK. SOLVED!!
Thank You @Troll.