did you pull the trigger @apollon01 ? wondering if it is worth investing in such plane(s) on platform(s) where their FM capabilities cant be fully exploited.

I have MiG-15 from MLADG on XP platform and there is nothing to write home about its FM despite being XP.

I know that it could be very much used for fun and games but then arent we missing on the simulation part of the deal?

many times I had strange feeling in XP that the planes are really not trying to kill me despite I did everything wrong :slight_smile:

I mean the feeling of flying on the edge cant be there when there is no edge.


No I have not. And I probably leave it at that. I’ve got the MiG-15 in DCS and I flew the hell out of it enjoying every minute.

In MSFS I got the '21 and '104 to cater for my West / East military tech needs but I yet have to fly them :grinning:

So I am on hold with more military equipment in MSFS.

Try the vskylabs DC3 and you will see… Hi G forces and you rip pieces of aircraft, do bad engine use and you got them on fire.
Also modules like REP and the addons from Hotstart (TBM900 and CL650) if you fly them wrong and had bad behavior you will feel consequences :slight_smile:

yep, thats exactly the reason I bought the VSL DC3 despite having it for free in MSFS.

I guess going forward I will be buying only planes which are modeled deep enough to make it challenge to operate.

otherwise it looses the attractiveness of the aircraft for me I would say.

something along these lines :wink:


Displaying my usual lack of self discipline when it comes to shiny new aircraft for MSFS, I picked this one up today.

It’s actually a lot of fun, but there are still a lot of rough edges. The MiG-15 for DCS is far more complete.

The 3D model is quite nice, although the pilot is slightly too small (to my eye), which makes the airplane look a little too large. The real aircraft uses a similar steering method to the Spitfire where you use a handbrake lever on the stick to apply pressure, with a shuttle valve system routing that pressure to the left or right brakes depending on rudder pedal input. MSFS doesn’t model this, so have to put up with standard rudder pedal steering. Roll rate seems a little slower than I would expect at normal airspeeds. It doesn’t feel like it’s on rails, but the DCS MiG-15 feels more authentic (although I have never flown a MiG-15, so what do I know?).

The cockpit is nicely modeled. Everything is in Russian and not all the tool tips are functioning. I had to refer to the manual to figure out what many of the switches are for.

There are quite a few liveries… she looks good in red…

This is an interesting USAF livery… perfect for an ‘evaluation’ flight out of Area 51 :wink: .

For some reason the tiny pilot does bother me.

I really need to spend some more time with this one to get the most out of it. There is a lot of potential here if the developer keeps working on it. I certainly have no regrets in buying it but would probably recommend waiting for awhile to let it mature unless you just like shiny new things (which I obviously do).


looks definitely shiny :slight_smile:

when you are at it, could test this

Uncommanded roll

Uncommanded roll can occur at high flight speeds throughout the altitude envelope. At altitudes below 4000 m, this can occur at TAS greater than 1070 - 1090 km/h (small needle on the airspeed indicator). As altitude increases, the true airspeed, at which uncommanded roll can occur, decreases. At altitudes above 11000 m, the true airspeed, at which uncommanded roll can occur, stabilizes in the 1010 - 1090 km/h range.

Uncommanded roll is corrected by applying opposite stick deflection to maintain the desired roll angle.

could be really too much for MSFS FM. but who knows, maybe the devs did their homework.


I like this plane, too. Haven’t flown it much, but it looks cool and handles nicely.