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I am a bit disappointed they did not custom-model my house :anguished:

Impressive update! I’ll go and fire up DCS while downloading these 22GB :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

They do really nice trailers - Could have done with a few more POIs outside of France, but then they’re French so this time get a pass. :fr: :slight_smile:

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From the WorkingTitle Discord:

@everyone Unfortunately a change made in today’s update seems to break a key part of our file loading for the G1000. This is causing a broken MFD, and it may affect other bits of the Garmins, too. I’ve sent a query off to our friends at Asobo for some more information/guidance and we’ll get things straight as soon as we can, if we can. But there won’t be a release for these tonight. We’ll keep you posted.

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From the Working Title Discord

There have been a lot of questions and concerns about the Working Title community packages since WU4 dropped, so here’s a quick status update:

The G1000 has been updated and released - you can grab the latest on our packages website here:

Working Title G1000 - v0.3.5

Due to changes in how planes load their configurations in WU4, we had to change the code that loads custom display gauges from WTEngineDisplay.xml, as is done with our sample for the G36. In order to get these to work now, aircraft creators or modders must put the contents of the WTEngineDisplay section directly into panel.xml, within the body of the main PlaneHTMLConfig section. This is unfortunate, but it was the only way we could preserve this functionality. Doing this to your panel.xml is fully backwards compatible and will not break planes that don’t use the modded G1000. Aircraft modders that are using this capability to customize the engine gauges should reach out to @kaosfere#2833 or another member of our team for more details - best to find us on our Discord server.

Re: The G3000

We are not aware of any update-related bugs on the G3000, but if you do encounter an update-related problem, or really any bug with it, please log the issue here: Working-Title-MSFS-Mods/fspackages/issues

Re: The G3X

We have an open bug that pre-dated WU4 where some users experience a problem with SVT; we have (finally) been able to reproduce this problem on one machine, but not the others, and we are actively trying to figure out what’s going on here. We hope to have an update that resolves this in the next few days now that we’ve been able to reproduce it - the bug is not a breaking bug, the G3X can be used without SV with no problem as far as we are aware.

@everyone The CJ4 has been updated and released - you can grab the latest on our packages website here: Working Title CJ4 - v0.12.1

It’s worth noting that the CJ4 was not broken with WU4, we just happen to have a bug fix update ready for release that was in QA this week already. It is purely a coincidence that it is being released at the same time as the G1000 fix.

Re: Updates, QA and our Community/Freeware Packages

Generally, we want to remind everyone what we said after the announcement in March regarding our work with Microsoft. We will make a best effort to keep the community packages updated and functioning, and even continue making enhancements, until these packages are replaced by base sim projects that we’ve already begun working on. This stuff takes time, but I’m quite confident that many of you will be pleased with product of the work we have planned and have already begun. With respect to the existing packages, since the announcement, we have released major updates to both the G3000 and the CJ4, including a new custom vertical autopilot for the CJ4, and we’ve shown off the WIP TCAS and Charts for the G3000 in our Discord #progress channel. While I regret even having to say this, any speculation or commentary suggesting that our community packages are no longer important to us or to Microsoft are simply false.

Specifically with respect to the WU4 release causing breakage in the G1000, we definitely regret that this happened. While we continue to emphasize that we make no guarantee that future updates won’t cause breakage that requires a fix from us, we are actively working with our partners at Asobo and Microsoft to better prepare for future releases, until such time as our packages are deprecated and replaced. As those that have been with us from the beginning know, we have always been extremely attentive to sim updates and often release fixes within hours. In this case, it took us just about 20 hours to get our fix into QA, and a few more to publish the fix on our website and Discord server - not our fastest, but also not our slowest.

As always, we are humbled by the support many of you have shown us and we appreciate all the feedback - as we said in our partner video, this entire project is a direct result of community feedback and that feedback continues to directly influence our future projects.


A nice one to the collection of French alpine altiports:

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Just saw an An-2 flying over my house

so quite naturally I looked up whether there were any news about the ATSimulations An-2 announced in August last year.

It seems it still is in development as per their FB which has a recent post about the An-2

Good to hear!

Though some people claim they will not buy as long as the Cri-Cri and the FockeWulf remain unfixed.
As I do not own either of these two planes, I have no idea how “unfix” they are. Anyone can comment on that?

Not that it would change my dedication to buy the An-2 but of course I am curious :slight_smile: Thanks.

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Hmm, I guess I will have to fly the FW a bit and find out what is wrong with it. There was a recent update. The Cri Cri is a very simple little airplane and I really enjoy flying it. I can’t say I have noticed anything that I would consider show stopping with it. I’ll do some digging and see what I can find…

As for the AN-2…I’m looking forward to it!


Thanks @PaulRix for your feedback. No worries about checking the planes out to see their issues. I just wondered whether was anything obviously wrong with them.

People will always complain and our sim community is particularly good at it!

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Yeah, I saw the update yesterday.

However, there still is a bunch of approaches missing - like Samedan (LSZS), Telluride (KTEX) or Aspen (KASE).

Weird. I wonder what got updated?

Maybe it was country-specific, like mostly updates to the United States or something like that

[New developement version] A32NX | FlybyWire Simulations

Hi there,

Starting today, the first version of our entirely custom fly-by-wire and autopilot systems, our custom LEAP 1A-26 engine FADEC performance model, and re-written PFD will be available in the development version . We’d like to remind our users that you have to calibrate your throttles via the EFB!

The experimental version will not be updated for a few days while we let users transition to the development version. After this period the experimental version will welcome a new prototype feature: our custom LNAV and flight plan manager, based on the work from Working Title Simulations.

That version will remain under the limited support policy of the previous experimental version, as that system is in its early age.

Please ensure your read the following guide: Autopilot / Fly-By-Wire - FlyByWire Simulations Guides

Happy flying!

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@everyone G3000 v0.6.0 is now available: Release g3000-v0.6.0 · Working-Title-MSFS-Mods/fspackages · GitHub

Release highlights include a new traffic display and alerting system, Navigraph charts integration, performance optimizations, and some bug fixes. Please refer to the and files included in the zip file for more release information.

Addendum: The .zip file download on the release page has been updated as of 4/25/21 18:15 EDT (22:15 UTC) to fix a bug contained in the original release that would cause the PFD to freeze if the inset map was enabled. If you downloaded the zip prior to the above time, you should re-download the release to get the updated version. Note that the version number has not been incremented (it is still v0.6.0). I apologize for the inconvenience and that the bug was not caught in QA before the official release went up.

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Forum announcement from the makers (the FlyInside people, that did that FSX VR initially):

The HeliSimmer preview video here too: