Not sure we have a ‘news’ topic already for this one, and this isn’t really an add-on/release thing, so here we are in a new topic.

Today’s Live Developer Q&A (I’ll add the youtube version later).

My razor sharp analysis: dunno, haven’t watched it. Might do later though, hence link above. :slight_smile:


One to watch with coffee and a beignet tomorrow morning!

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It was pretty good. I ran it at 2x speed so I missed half of it and it was like a team of chipmunks making a sim.

The WT team ‘assimilation’ was the big news, with most other things as ‘coming in Sim Update 4’ (mid April maybe, now combined with World Update 4 France/Belgium/Netherlands). What also sounds good is that they’ve been doing lots of optimization work to get it working on Xbox and that’ll help the PC version anyway.

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LOL, that cracked me up.

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What struck me was how many times the team (often with video evidence) essentially said “It’s already in there, how about you spend some time actually exploring the UI, noob.” :hugs:

Overall, I remain impressed (again) at the team, its patience, and its apparent willingness to cater to a very tough-to-please community.

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Seemed as good a thread as any, to post this…

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Wow…love the story…love the enthusiasm. Really great to see.


Performance hotfix due tomorrow.


The Hotfix is now Live


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Still kinda mind boggling when you read that number and remember the times when your hard disk was, like, an order of magnitude smaller than that. :smiley:


New patch seems all ok. It seems to really help people limited by the CPU main thread, and seems generally smoother. I’m GPU bound (4K or VR) on a 2080, so I don’t get a faster FPS but it does seem more ‘even’.

Menus seem a bit more snappy as well, so looks like they finally fixed the vsync issue in those.


Don’t forget to download the new NAVdata


I’ve got the Navigraph 2103 thingy to replace it, but good point.

New FlyByWire Launcher-Installer

Release v1.1.3

@everyone G3000 v0.5.0 is now available: Release g3000-v0.5.0 · Working-Title-MSFS-Mods/fspackages · GitHub

Release highlights include a major PFD overhaul, ability to set measurement units, as well as numerous bug fixes. Please refer to the included and files included in the zip file for more release information.

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@everyone G3000 v0.5.1 is now available: Release g3000-v0.5.1 · Working-Title-MSFS-Mods/fspackages · GitHub

This hotfix restores compatibility with darkfly’s Longitude mod, and contains a number of other bug fixes as well. Please refer to the included and files included in the zip file for more release information.

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From the Working Title Team

@everyone CJ4 v0.12.0 is out. This version brings a boatload of bug fixes and tweaks, including a new custom vertical autopilot that has allowed us to add altitude capture for PTCH mode, TO/GA modes and improve the altitude capture mechanics of the autopilot.

Grab the latest version here: Working Title - Packages

We are also super excited to unveil our packages website at:

And of course feel free to poke around on the site - you’ll find release notes, guides, repaints and all sorts of stuff there. Check out the upper-right corner when you’re on the CJ4 page for links to all the good stuff…

READ THE GUIDE - it is almost 100 pages and answers many of the questions being asked on forums and in the Discord CJ4 channel! Working Title - Packages

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Looks like World Update 4 is out.

France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Paris and Amsterdam in photogrammetry.