MSFS Pacific Northwest Sceneries

Yeah…I’m excluding some of the more meh ones and trying to focus on the ones that are at least mid-level quality or above… My judgment is variable though of course…

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Payware airport - S69 Lincoln, Montana

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Funny thing: I visited the place two days ago without this scenery. Good occasion to revisit I guess :grinning:

Thanks for posting this.

I find myself looking for a small set of good small/bush airports in one little area - within a 30 minute flight of each other or something. I want a little area that I can play around in.

I noticed a guy is doing a bunch of bush strips in that are I think maybe you and I and @fearlessfrog tooled about in in MP back at release. His user name at the .TO place is LataVoadora… These might suit you - I haven’t checked them out and don’t have a map of where they all are, but they look pretty good!

Be aware you will need some libraries to use his stuff:


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But to your point - having a pack of nice scenery all in one would be an insta-buy for me. Kind of like that old Misty Fjords package for FS9 (or FSX?)…that was really cool in those days…

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I tried the BC Mega Pack, but maybe because it was winter I couldn’t really find any airstrips from the air :-). I will give that a try again.


You have the two required libraries I assume?

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Yeah. But let me verify that. Maybe I didn’t put them in the right spot or something.

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It may have been the winter textures. I will swing my monitor over to the flight sim setup side and take a quick look.

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Looks like it is a fix of things … which mostly means it relates to my expectations :slight_smile:

Here is CYHE in the sim at the moment - which is/was not bad:

And on their screenshot page (not that I am complaining about this):

Here is CYLY (which, in winter white textures only looks like a mostly abandoned parking lot :slight_smile: ):

And in their screenshot page:

I guess in my screenshot I am looking at the actual airfield where-as in the winter, it looked like their screenshot with a parking lot in the middle - which made it sporting to land and avoid hitting the trucks :-).

XAD3 is where I started to doubt that I had the airfields installed correctly. If you look back at the CYLY field, you can see, in my screenshot, the windsock off in the trees, which added to my doubts. Here you can see that the field is covered in … either really high grass or small trees that reach the top of the wings. I know it is a small plane but I think that is what bush pilots fly :slight_smile:

The second one makes it look like the field has been trimmed but I assure you, unless I was landing off to the right, it is not. In my defense, maybe I did land on the right but the snow textures made it 100% impossible to see where the cut area was.

And their picture - which, if you imagine it in white, you may see the dilemma:

Last one was a field that I thought was in the pack, but upon reflection now, was absolutely not in the pack :slight_smile: - CAZ5:


I would just tweak the date in the sim @Fridge and move it forward a month or two. I was at Hope not that long ago and it was pretty much all melted out at the moment. Lytton too. The elevations get some, but not for a lot of those airfields.

You can see the real versions from places like here

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Nice! I keep trying for the ‘real, live weather’. I don’t think it does historical weather? Maybe?

Anyhoo. For anyone interested, here is a map of most of the airfields in that map pack - which is pretty darn decent. One I could not find (Gun Lake), two were farther off NW, and two were out by the coast.


CYLW and CYVK (not sure about this one, really) are available commercially but I may see if I can track down others on that little cube of the world.

My other hindrance, at the moment, is VR with a 2080 Super. I am not having ‘smooth’ framerates and I can’t use the fpsVR app (I think?) to figure out why (CPU, GPU, etc).


I use Kelowna a bit, and this one is pretty decent.

For MSFS performance and a 2080 I’ve found that the following helped

  • Nvidia 457.30 as past that causes judders unfortunately
  • HAGS off
  • The settings in here

I would tweak them to maybe 100 MSFS render resolution and then 65% on the custom resolution for OpenXR.

Yeah. That Kelowna looks pretty good. I got a discount on the commercial one because I had the X-Plane version. Not sure it is much better than the free one :slight_smile:
I will give those settings a try tonight. I had already used your post for my MSFS settings but lately it seems a little stuttery. Maybe the Nvidia drivers.

0U1 - Warm Springs, Idaho

ID49 - Pistol Creek Ranch, Idaho

12ID - Flying B Ranch, Idaho


Sea Ranch Airport, CA (CA51)

Bend Municipal, OR (KBDN)


One thing is sure. You can certainly over time see the marked differences between different creators modeling skills and knowledge of the SDK.

Things settling down a bit. Well, not really, but wanted to update this thread with some additional resources:

Humbert, WA (7WA4)

Newport Muni, OR (KONP)

Valdez, AK (PAVD)

Lone Pine, CA (O26)

Siletz Bay, OR (S45)

Eugene, OR (KEUG)

Clam Harbor, WA (WA35)

Whidbey Airpark, WA (W10)

Cameron Park Airport, CA (O61)

Eagle County, CO (KEGE)

Stovepipe Wells, CA (L09)

Furnace Creek, CA (L06Z)

Astoria, OR (KAST)

Medford, OR (KMFR)

Coldfoot, AK (PACX)

Petersburg, AK (PAPG)

West Yellowstone, MT (KWYS)

Qualicum Beach, BC (CAT4)

Caveman Ranch, UT (UT68)

Warm Springs Creek, ID (0U1)

Flying B Ranch, ID (12ID)

Castle Lakes, CO (CD32)

Fort MacKay, AB, Canada (CYNR)


On sale at MarketPlace right now , I just picked it up ; two thumbs up .