MSFS Photogrammetry

What in gods name is this? I had to turn the resolution down because I’m playing on a hotel tv, but damn the photogrammetry is terrible. What would cause this? Surely its not supposed to look like this. This is outside of LAX. The sim looks way better with photo turned off. I ran a speed test on the internet, its getting 300mbits download.

Side note: I think I found my sweet spot for MSFS and thats external view with a xbox controller. Lots of fun.

Is “photogrammetry” even a word yet?

Yes, it does suck but I’m more interested in why you’re playing on a hotel tv? :smiley:

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Moving across the country. Only the essentials made the road trip. Clothes, beer, PC.

Left the wife and kids behind eh? :wink:

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Notice they didnt make the “essential” list…

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Imma stop axin’ questions. Happy trails my friend.

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I initially cringed a little bit when I read that, but then i thought about it a bit and actually, with the flight model and other stuff like it is, I bet that playing like this is actually extremely relaxing. Just floating around and sightseeing is the sort of thing that will make people flock to this software. Look how popular Google earth is.
I quite want to try sitting on the sofa and playing this. Good idea gunny :ok_hand: