MSFS Points of Interest

For a year now I’ve enjoyed being gobsmacked repeatedly at both the artwork and majesty of this sim and the planet I’ve discovered while flying within it. I’ve become a pretty decent MSFS tourist. But like most, aside from the most introverted of travelers, I want to share what I see and also explore areas that impressed other players. If there is a thread that serves this purpose already feel free to zap this one. Otherwise here goes:

Spiš Castle, Slovakia (?)

This is the abandoned Dye-3 “Distant Early Warning” ice core observatory on the Greenland Ice Sheet. (Greenland just got an update).

Trakoscan Castle

Glacier near Narsarsuaq, Greenland


noice! thats correct!

from two years ago

but never been to Greenland :grin:


Also nice! A formation of whirleybirds storming the castle. Love it!

Me neither. But it fascinates me more than any other land. Only the hardiest could have ever scratched out a life on such an inhospitable place. But it is otherworldly beautiful. Other than airforce guys who’ve spent time at Thule, I’ve never met anyone who has been there, much less was actually from there. That just adds to the mystique.

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When people say “I’ve never met anyone who has been there” I always say you have an option its called MSFS and then you may say I am aware of what all these places become accessible to us all. Like all flight sim they do not have a TFSA and require you to take your shoes off. Also all things are available for the viewing. My view a 80 year old traveller. :canada: :earth_africa: :sailboat:


True. But there is no substitute for talking with locals and getting a flavor for the culture. Years ago I read an account by a Thai woman who took a job in Greenland with travel expenses covered. She had no idea where she was going and didn’t pack a coat. Eventually she married, learned the language and grew to love her new home. After some time she opened one of just a couple of Thai restaurants in the whole country—albeit with big limitations due to what ingredients can be found/grown locally.


I generally agree with @Romanichel and have also called MSFS my “tourism simulator”. DCS is my “aircraft simulator”.

But we have to concede to @smokinhole that it is pretty hard to marry and open a restaurant in MSFS. Not that realistic after all! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Just kidding, nice story smokin!)

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