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I’ll try harder from now on… :wink:


Considering that helicopters are not officially supported yet, the free Airbus H135 mod is pretty amazing. I would have quite happily paid for this. Hopefully we will see a few more helicopters this year now it has been shown to be possible.


I just found a mod that makes the helipads usable on the OrbX LOWI scenery… So now I can land at the hospital instead of just hovering…


Now they are gonna bill you. Hospital rates too. :money_mouth_face: :moneybag:


How’s the flight model? Is it comparable to FSX? Better, worse?

@PaulRix is best to answer that (I drive computers), but when I used it (and it changes a lot, they release updates pretty much every 2 days it seems) it was pretty basic but pleasant. Free FSX’y.

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Looks like the flight model depends on your MFD settings :wink:

Also if you have no response from collective and cyclic after autostart (CTRL-E) be sure to flip the FADEC switch (near your left knee).

It’s a lot of fun flying NOE around my home town!

Edit: With advance setting you need to work that tail rotor - it’s for folks with rudder pedals or masochists with twist sticks, basic is for people who don’t have rudder pedals, the helo will be stable in a hover on its yaw axis, you still need to work your collective to control your altitude and cyclic to control your position. I didn’t messed with XBOX mode, it’s probably LHX Attack Chopper level of stabilization.


Hi all,

I’m posting this here rather than creating a new post.

I have a request… I’m asking if someone can post in-sim screens of the following airports: TIST, TISX, TUPJ, TJSJ, TNCM, TKPK, KTPA, and KMCO

These are areas where I tend to fly most, so naturally, I’m hoping they are relatively convincing. I’m on the fence regarding getting the sim and I will most likely jump in, depending on the level of details in these areas.


Note that I use mostly medium graphics settings (with few set to high).





Weirdly TNCM looks quite poor - looks like the satellite data wasn’t good so parts were filled with FSX-type land class textures



KMCO is hand-crafted


Wow @damson,

First, I wish to say a huge thank you for fulfilling my request. You are awesome!

Those sceneries are convincing enough for me. The important things seem to be in the right places and the VI airports are pretty darn good for default. TNCM could definitely use some work but I suspect third-party scenery isn’t that far off, considering its popularity.

Well, I’m one step closer to making my decision after I do a bit more research on which route I might want to take.

Thanks again!



My pleasure, at least I got to visit some cool places :wink:


Sorry for the late response…the flight model is, without a doubt, the best helicopter flight model available in MSFS2020 to date. :rofl:
I’m not a helicopter pilot so I am really not qualified to give it an informed endorsement. It seems a little quirky at times, but overall very helicopter like… Cyclic and collective do what I understand that they should and even I can fly it. :crazy_face: . I haven’t noticed any ground effect or VRS but it is very enjoyable to fly and the price is right!

@NEVO might be able to add some (qualified) thoughts on this.

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I fully agree with your observations :slight_smile:

I am not qualified test pilot :wink: But if you think it feels right then its OK imo. I mean it depends on what is the goal of the devs. Whether they want to produce enjoyable helo ride or hyper-realistic helo simulator.

As you and @damson mentioned, cyclic and collective do what they should, and with ‘advanced’ mode it even requires anti-torque pedals to be used. I approve! :slight_smile:

Disclaimer : I still dont have MSFS installed so above are only my observations from what I have read here :ok_hand: …back to XP11 :smile:

After few flights it’s quite enjoyable and even with twist stick manageable in “advanced flight mode”. Every collective change will impact torque on your main rotor and depending on your forward speed you will have to counter act with anti-torque pedals accordingly to maintain heading (most noticeable at hover and slow speed).

It’s still WIP as there is no VRS or IGE/OGE modelling, and no aerobatics, though I did managed to do a roll, but you will need a lot of space for it. Every try on loop ended badly, not advisable…

All in all it’s one of my favorite aircraft to fly now in MSFS2020.

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I guess the CRJ will have to wait awhile. I figured I would have more fun flying the MilViz Corsair.

I have only flown a few circuits around Henderson Field, but so far, two resounding thumbs up.
It’s a beautiful 3D model, the sounds are top notch and it handles like the beast you would imagine it to be.

I’ll write something more comprehensive once I have spent some time with it.



More FlyingIron Spitfire IX goodness. The Spitfire is simply a thing of elegance and beauty.


If you know anything about a CAP aircraft, there’s a couple things missing… Headed west KECG - KBUY

You guys probably carry DF steer type equipment and probably some means to talk to ground personnel (police/fire band frequencies?)…

Becker, yup. And a CAP Radio we use to talk to Ground Teams.

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