MSFS - Screenshots

Decided to fire up the 146 as I plan on using it for a few flights on this year’s Christmas trek.

Phenomenal start and finished with a very dark approach, during which I was quite thankful to see some runway lights at RNAV mins.


Outstanding - really wish I had the time to learn to fly it. Sat in my hangar since purchase.

still not decided on the plane, but 146 looks like good choice

here discovering the golden wings

with all the consequences


Just my opinion but I think it’s the best regional-type offering currently available for MSFS.

It’s definitely quirky enough that it takes some effort to learn but worth it if you’ve got the time.

It’ll be something I use for some of the shorter legs where I still want a jet but don’t necessarily want a 738/320.

The lack of auto-throttle and VNAV, as well as it being somewhat on the slow side, will mean that I favor more modern aircraft for a majority of the trip.

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I like the BAE a lot, but have you tried the Fokker F28? It’s pretty good as well and has a lot of character like the 146.

did some reading on her and definitelly on the slow side, 0.7M iirc, but the STOL is nice capability.

what I like are machines with some, I call it character backed in. all I mean is some maintanance feature. I guess A2A made it popular, but can be wrong on this.

didnt even know that eg FJS 727! & 737! for XP have this feature.

I see that PMDG DC-6 has it also. I know many of you guys have flown her already. but this one with four engines scares me out a little. I sense her as too complex for my little spare time. but with the longer nights comin … ‘you mean there is a chance ?’ :wink:

so for the initial legs I guess I will be flying Boeing 247. discovered the little maintanace feature during my last flight just by accident. the oil levels were dangerously close to disaster :slight_smile:

Oh I am so waiting for the Quad Otter (the dash 7) for MSFS. Haven’t heard much on it’s development lately unfortunately.

Not sure why I’m doing this, but eye watering bright yellow today - anyone want to pay $10 for a pepsi?

Some more as GSX is neat and I might as well screenshot while I wait…


Say what you will about their business model, but they do look sharp.


They do, plus saying ‘Spirit Wings’ on VATSIM sounds a little fancy.

I once paid $110 p/person for a Seattle to Denver flight and made $3000 out of it. They did lose all our luggage, so it was hard won… :slight_smile:


GSX added the poop and potable services for the PMDG 737 series today. For all your janitorial dreams… :toilet:


Some Night shots in the PMDG 736



That last shot is wicked!

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I’ve wondered in modern jet liners, does the flight director act as a AoA indexer, or is it merely glide slope and localizer?

I beleive its glide slope and loc.

Some more screens. Never owned a PMDG product before but the 736 and 739 are fabulous! Cant wait for the 777.

Some New Zealand flts. Love the CRJ series from Aerosoft as well. A real joy to fly.

Testing out the 2 default long haul options. I like them both but the 787 wins.


Took the ATR 72 out for a flight in New Zealand. Different then the Q400 that I’m use to, different in a good way though.


There’s a third, if you like higher-fidelity types.

The IniBuilds A310 is now, more a less, a “default” aircraft - just make sure you go into the marketplace and download the “HD” version!

They should be releasing the A300 later this year, including both the passenger and freight versions. Those are likely payware but the 310 serves as a nice preview.


Completely dropped the ball on replying before now! It is something I’m watching but I haven’t picked it up yet.

I definitely get the appeal and would say it looks pretty similar in quality to the BAE.

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