MSFS - Screenshots

Touring U.S.
The Denarq mod does make the Twin Beech feel alive and after some issues with the engines (first carb icing and then overheating the cylinders) I feel accomplishment after each flight which I am able to make to the intended destination :grimacing:

And a not-C-130 on its way to Phucat.

Chilling on the ramp opened inflight (so clearly a not-C-130 :rofl:)

Phucat has an ILS but strangely enough is not equipped with rwy lighting.



This reminds me of the time where I can claim that I worked with the SAS (loosely). They were doing an exercise when I was stationed at RAF Akrotiri where they jumped out of a perfectly good C130 in the dead of night, onto the airfield. They then proceeded to use some kind of IR illuminators to mark the runway for the C130 to land on the blacked out airfield after which the C130 departed with them onboard. My role was to sit in the Tower, along with a Flight Sargeant Controller, and a cup of tea, just in case for some reason they needed the runway lights turned on. It was dark, we saw nothing and all we heard was the C130’s engines. But yes, I worked with the SAS once…many years ago… :wink: .


I did too! Only it was the Airline… :wink:



Few more from my Golden Age of Air Travel tour over the U.S. this time in Braniff colours.

The last two are from my arrival to Minneapolis last night which happened to be so fast that the sim threw “not enough bandwidth” on me and then froze completely :smiley: