MSFS2020 and ForeFlight

I’m not sure how many of you have ForeFlight, but you can now use it with MSFS2020. It works great!

You can see where I had the sim in active pause…the autopilot tried to violently fly me into the ground when I came out of it, so I just flew the rest of the approach visually.

Instructions can be found here:


Oh nice. I had thought about it, but assumed it needed a plugin/3rd party software to make it work. And all I had to do was just fire it up and go! :man_shrugging:

Well, there is a plugin/app that you need… but it is easy enough to set up. I had it up and running in a couple of minutes.

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Sadly this free method does not work also for SkyDemon.

There are two payware apps available on simmarket which do the trick, though.

Doh, I missed the most important part of your post- the link at the bottom! :upside_down_face:

This is really interesting as skydemon works with xp11 straight out the box. How odd

Yes, same for P3D.

I actually found out that FSUIPC 7 beta in combination with FlightSimGPS works, only due to a bug in SimConnect the FPS go down the drain :anguished:

According to Pete Dowson, the developer of FSUIPC, Asobo is aware and should address this hopefully soon :+1:

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The solution that I explained above works just fine after today’s MSFS 2020 update :+1:

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“Bring out yer dead!”

I’m doing so here because today I used Foreflight with MSFS for the first time. The LAST time I used a sim/PED combo was 10 years ago when I was toying with X-Plane and VATSIM with virtual human ATC.

Today it was just to explore NJ VFR just as I do for real. I know the area like the back of my hand which makes appreciating the utter perfection of the sim’s interpretation of the scenery all the more joy-inspiring. What I can’t, or rather am unwilling, to do is get down and dirty with some of the more intriguing spots—either because I fear complaints or it’s just not safe. Last year I flew an R44 with my daughter and instructor to drop pink “smoke” at a gender reveal party (yes, humanity at its lowest ebb). On the way back we flew over a farm with a lovely concrete H pad, windsock and hangar. My instructor had been there in the Augusta but refused to tell me who it belonged to (per his boss). Of course that just made me even more curious about the place. Labeled “The Farm” on Foreflight. With the sim and the map I could find it easily and buzz and land with impunity. Yet another example of how we live in the best of (sim) times!