MSFS2020 multiplayer soaring

There is an issue with thermals - when program apply artificial velocity, FS flight model ignore native calculations and as result glider starting to slow down. So I had to apply forward velocity compensations, and it is not accurate enough - sometimes it’s ok, sometimes too effective.
I have tried to change the math and somehow succeed, but my teammate said that they are too weak and not usable by novice pilots. As we are making competitions, it’s not an option to loose 60% of players.
Maybe I will try again later, as a solution special option to disable this compensation can be added, but we have bigger tasks at the moment.

that’s good advice - when you circling on the edge it actually pretty accurate to RL

ok thank you ill try to make them smaller. I tried gliding in the alps today which worked really well

The Alps are really fun for gliding in the sim. If dou set up the wind correctly you don’t even need thermals at all.

0.8.5 version will have better lift simulation, will be available today/tomorrow