Mt Hood Rescue

This Crew are some Certifiable Bad A$$es!!!


Wocca Wocca Wocca

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Very impressive. I was frightened for the guys that disembarked from the helo at first. I had images of them not having crampons or ice axes and falling down and sliding off the mountain. I’m guessing that isn’t their first rodeo.

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I remember one years ago that turned out much differently.

I remember that one. I wonder how the accident report read out.

IIRC, no one was badly hurt, althought that’s hard to believe watching it tumble 1000 feet down the mountainside. It looks like he may have lost good ground reference in the sea of white and then PIO’d himself into an unrecoverable hole. That’s why have choosen that as my last name. I’ve made the same mistake more times than I can count. Contrast that to the amazing bit of flying in the OP. Go Humans!