Mudspeed!! screens

Gumpf first pictures after.

So @Toppometer has switched his server up again and we have moved to another location. This time its Black Cat County Circuit. Its another street circuit now located in a desert location. For a medium sized circuit (not that long really) it packs in a lot. From very fast corners to a small hill climb to a technical array of switchbacks, which should challenge most drivers.

Only one selection of car this time and its the Ford Mustang. For those wanting a workout its a good selection for this track. The brutish Mustang is the stereo-typical American muscle car. It does Grunt, straight lines and acceleration well, but seems to have struck “turning ability” off the development drawing board.

Its also another good choice for a group match as the car has less parameters to play with in configuration. Good for those that just want to change a few things and drive. Saying that the car does come with traction control and ABS, both of which are very needed in this beast. Traction control for the mustang comes in a simple on/off category which you can change whilst driving. On more technical cars, adjusting the traction control on the fly will allow for better performance. Lowering it for example when the tires are up to temp or in faster section of the track will allow more power to the wheels. Though caution must be advised in the mustang on this circuit if you want to turn T/C off. the grunt of the car means it can and most likely will spin the wheels in almost any gear with the slightest of “ham fisted” touches on the accelerator.

Braking is also another consideration in this behemoth. Its not a small car, nor is it a light car. Inertia is its middle name. The mustang can deplete the speed well under braking and the ABS is a must. However, and going back to the previously mentioned designed philosophy, it doesn’t like weight shift under hard braking at high speed. The car at high speeds tends to feel quite light on the front end and any bumps or shifting of weight (as in slight left turn to right under braking) seems to throw the car in undesired directions. Being a street circuit as well, it is rife with lumps and bumps. All of which seems to enjoy a magnetising effect between your mustang and the fence.

These are not necessarily bad things. In my opinion they are good things. For a relatively simple car (in terms of set up customisation) this track and the Mustang’s nuances makes for a challenging drive if pushing the car hard. That brings it down to driver skill and will provide a lot of entertainment and fun in a co-op race.

Thanks again @Toppometer for hosting and its time to start seeing some of you Mudspikers in here for some causual races !!!

We had a nice race among six friends on Vallelunga Club in Tatuus Formula cars. Some nice and clean driving with avarage drivers in a well behaving beginner car.

Might be a good idea to create a “Mudspike Groundspeed” Steam group to coordinate some larger action.

How many clients can Toppo’s server handle? What’s the password?

@Bogusheadbox, is that still Assetto corsa or what? :astonished:
My brother happen to have gifted it to me so… maybe I could drop by. Eventually.
Can it be played with an Xbox360 pad?

@miRage: Heh, we’ll call it Mudspeed.

I’ll rename the server, with permission from an adult (@BeachAV8R, @fearlessfrog?), and post a password tonight.

Fine with me…! Thanks for the attention to it…!

@komemiute yeah its Assetto corsa. I think gamepads work with it.
@mirage Toppo’s server runs 16 clients. Password is below :wink:
But by the looks of it, toppo may change the server name… as above.

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Toppo’s track day is dead… long live “Mudspeed”!

The new password is the much more family friendly “iwannagofast”.

There are 16 slots total so we can handle a full blown trackday if we want. Suggestions on tracks and cars are welcome.



Can you guys tell me what DLC would be required if any?

Dream packs?

Porsche stuff? (kinda want the Porsche stuff)

any quick reviews on the DLC’s?

You don’t need the DLC’s if you don’t want to drive with the cars or on the tracks released with them.

You can drive on a track against DLC cars, but you can’t drive them unless you have the DLC.

The DLC were dirt cheap in the sales. I would go for DLC that also adds tracks.

The dream packs are a good place to start. I almost picked up the Porsche pack on sale but forgot to pull the trigger. Grrrrr

Right. To start with the sim, I wouldn’t say any DLC is required. It’s more a matter of personal taste. If there are any cars that interest you grab the pack and enjoy.

You can have loads of fun with the base game, though. For server admins, it’s rather difficult to see which cars belong to which DLC. They need to do some investigation before setting up the server to make sure base game players can join. If there is one car selected in the server app that a client does not own, the client can’t join (the car doesn’t even need to be selectable for players, it’s enough to check the box in the server app).

Personally, I own all but the latest DLC because I’d like to support the developers and packs are not that expensive (when not purchased all at once).

Btw: I created a steam group. Feel free to join. I will promote some members to group admins on request if there are volunteers:

Hope this ok for the Mudspike Franchise owners as well.

2.56.205 Is the best I got so far in the Mustang.

Had 2:52.872 yesterday.

And 2:58.584 in the beautiful Ford GT (which is quite a handfull).

May I suggest to increase Practice time to 3+ hours for some indisturbed hotlapping?

You can always skip to race as server admin with commands in Chat

/admin password

Nice times there, going to have to put some more fender bender time in

2.52.882 Getting there. !!.. Fwoooaaarr its a handful. There is little overrun when things go a tad wrong
There are two sections where I feel I can get more time, but I just can’t get a decent line in.

Which car?

I managed 2:41.143 in the GT40 last night. With some sideways action.

Just the mustang, not tried it in the GT40 yet

I miss JB…

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What do you mean I just can’t mash the throttle and brakes… Ohhh GOD… THE FENCE !!!


Indeedy you can use the gamepad. I do :slight_smile:

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