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Toppo’s track day is dead… long live “Mudspeed”!

The new password is the much more family friendly “iwannagofast”.

There are 16 slots total so we can handle a full blown trackday if we want. Suggestions on tracks and cars are welcome.



That first pic there, gotta be the most iconic turn in motorsports.


Awesome! Which sim?

Hrm… but what about…


Crap… that one slipped my mind, well now I’m torn lol

Edit: technically Spa is older… so might have to stick with Spa but SECA is hot on its heels.

It’s Assetto Corsa, I’m tinkering around with a server at the moment to see what multiplayer is like without being too serious.

Now, if only I could get @Bogusheadbox to see the error of his ways and embrace his inner Alfisti


I owned an Alfa Romeo (if that Alfisti word was indeed about that)…
Almost literally this One

And it was a dream.
Until you had to go for the Service. Dang.

But what a piece of art to look at.


@komemiute how big was the box when you went for a service?
@Toppometer never! … or lets make a deal, when dcs gets an f111.

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? Box ?

(the box of bits that had fallen off you needed them to put back on)

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LOL! :joy:
Nah, it wasn’t much about the pieces that feel off- that was pretty much impressively close to zero- it was the pieces that needed replacing.
The last Service costed me 1300€.

That was the measure. I’ve had a share of expensive service before but I couldn’t simply see myself keep at that with the first child incoming.

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Ouch expensive

Yeah- you can say that.
Plus it burned headlights bulbs like Pop-Corn.

I’ve owned two Alfa’s, one MiTo hot hatch about six years ago and my current, much more sensible, Guiletta.

I know what they say about reliability and cost of ownership in Alfa’s, but my ‘old’ 2007 Mazda RX8 ate tires and drank fuel while mugging me whenever we went for a service. The Alfa’s have never felt that bad in comparison. :wink:


There is a reason it eats tyres and fuel in an uneconomical way @Toppometer. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I enjoy driving around on the trackday servers, just enjoy the drive, sometimes with others sometimes not.

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Drove home past Spa-Francorchamps yesterday, I was half-inclined to see if that corner would be open for my ol’ Mazda :wink:

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That F1 1979 rFactor was amazing with all of the classic circuits. Many great races enjoyed with the SimHQ bunch. I think that Johannesburg was maybe my favorite, but Monza, Spa, Silverstone, and Monaco were equally good.


Haha, perhaps. Forgot to bring my dashcam, otherwise I would have had some wonderful footage of the cliche french country side!

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Yes of course, Kayalami. Busy day in the sweat shop. Ferraris, Renaults, Loti, oh my!

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Toppo’s server is running Highlands Long at the moment. Its a fast track with deceptive corners that demand respect. Its a 2 part track with cobbled section in the town surrounding the pits and a road remainder winding through a hilly countryside.

The track forces you to wind up the speed only to find that the corners will not accept you at such a pace. Back end slidey goodness ensues.

My little Beamer getting tiny air over one of the many undulations of the track.

Hard under braking after a very long straight

Getting more “hang time” on the back side of the hill. The speed and road conditions make the car very light and a tad “squirelly”

I don’t normally have this view as my eyes are shut from sheer panic.

Luckily the helmet is hiding the girly scream as I hope for all things good that the car won’t brake traction.

Thanks @Toppometer for hosting the server. We must get the mudspikians in for some carnage.