Mudspike 4th Annual DCS Fall Fly-In Server and AAR Thread



Happy and ready for the action!


Here are a few from yesterday and last night. A great time had by all, and for me, playing with this community of guys is what makes DCS great.

This is what happens when you let Marines drive warthogs. Obviously the aircraft isn’t durable enough for USMC service.

Back in proper USMC equipment with @Tankerwade
After making a textbook CASE 69 landing (Mach 1+ tower fly by, 9G break turn, and a 450 knot trap), @Tankerwade is on approach with @near_blind watching on.

@near_blind decides he has seen enough, and decides to vacate the area.

@Tankerwade with another nice landing after dropping hate and discontent on Mr. I hate America.

The scoreboard reflects who the real pilot here is, 1200+ points and no deaths!

@SierraAlphaMike putting some bombs on target with the first actual combat seen by a Viggen.

So the drinks caught up to me from here on out, and the screens were few and far between but I managed to land on a Frigate, and loft an Amraam into the stratosphere

There was much more action than what I depicted, Sabres, Ka-50’s, F-5s etc. The missions were great. I want to thank @Fridge @WreckingCrew @near_blind and who ever else had a hand in creating and running the missions and servers yesterday. This is what makes the game great. Really glad I stumbled into the Mudspike community.


Me and Gunny. Devildogs.


Me, @schurem and @Dark_Star tackled @WreckingCrew’s Kill Transports mission.!

DarkStar and Schurem in formation.

After me and schurem took on some MiG’s with success we turned to take on the next wave. I did manage to get a AI to fly in to the ground trying to avoid a missile.

DarkStar arriving to save our butts.

I ran as fast as I could to go get more weapons but Dark Star finished off the mission for us.

Back home, with 2 kills and no deaths… a success!


Wish I was there… Got a bit of an headache after 4 early shifts so alas… I do love all the screenshots though!


Some more shots from Saturday:

Takeoff with @schurem

I love looking over these urban areas…


Dear MiG-29’s, please meet my friend - Mk-84!

Sunrise in @WreckingCrew’s reecently revived “Kill Transports” mission.

A bad end to this F-15C sortie…


Here is what I was able to captured in between my conection problems

@Andrew116 droping some ordnance

Some helo fun!

Plus formation flying :slight_smile:


One Viggen’s worth of bombs going off

Pretending I’m a helicopter

bork bork


Just want to thank everyone who came out to take part - both the hosts and the clients. I know Sunday is still going on, so this is not the end, but I am pretty sure that my eyes need to start focusing on something more than a couple of feet in front of me :slight_smile: .

We are going to leave the contest open until midnight EST Tuesday (so late Tuesday evening or 00:01 Wednesday morning) to let people put up more shots if they have them. Check the top post of this thread for more info if you are confused (link). We will contact the winners later in the week.

Again, thanks for everyone who came out and for those that did not get the chance … our Teamspeak is always open to anyone get together and who wants to fly with the Mudspike community!


BTW: If you want to provide feedback or discuss something, please send a PM to @staff. We would like to get any suggestions, concerns or whatever to help with the next fly-in. Thanks!


More Tomcats.


Fall flight in the Spitfire

On deck with @WreckingCrew

Out on mission

Target locked

@Franze making some VTOL’s

Thank you everyone for a great weekend of flight!
I was extremely happy with the entire event - it has been my top experience not only in DCS but also in Flight Simulation and Gaming in general.


Got on a bit later today and opted for some Harrier action, noticed I got on a bit after everyone did but still logged some time!

Me and another dude… I forget who? Sorry! Sound off if you were the Harrier in #801!

Rearming at a destroyer after taking out ADA over the straight. The destroyer took a Silkworm earlier.

@Wes’s A-10 bombing run, failed to completely knock out the F-14s but surely rendered them NMC!

Me, @Wes, @DarkStar after Wes got shot down in his A-10. Great fun flying with you guys!


I’m planning to be on tomorrow night and Tuesday night at around 2100 Zulu if anybody would like to join me send me a pm and we’ll arrange it if anybody else couldn’t make it at the weekend


2x 4AM starts scuppered things for me. I enjoyed chilling with @Aginor on Saturday during the day and getting shot down in my A10 by @schurem just after take off😪


@Franze thanks for capturing the “mess strike”!
While it does live up to it’s no-accuracy guarantee, it’s often forgotten that it can serve as an area-denial tactic, while also proving a great fireworks show!

The mess strike motto: SJET & Forget!


That was Saturday, right? Yea flying opfor has its allure :japanese_ogre:


Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for hosting and it was great flying with you all. I got to fly more this fly in then last year and it was a blast. One of my faverite moments was me and @Wes’s low level strike on the red airfield saturday night that ended with us both getting shot down… also possibly by @schurem. Looking forward to the next fly in.



@Gunnyhighway flying the best paintjob on the hog

Heading out to relearn Viggen stuff right before everything crashed for me.


The green A-10 is really the best. :slight_smile:
Nice pics!


Even better if it would have the hogmouth on it