Mudspike 4th Annual DCS Fall Fly-In Server and AAR Thread



Me killing some stuff:


A few of the guys, including @schurem flying the convertible M2000


I’m so jealous! I logged on to dcs earlier to change to the open beta but ran out of time before I had to go to work :sob: think I may have to miss this year but very much enjoying the updates from you guys. Hope you all have a blast!


@Wes landing his Harrier while I wait for takeoff:

@schurem … something is missing.

There was a HUGE convoy, bunched up, and I dropped two CBU87 into it. Glorious fireworks!

Nice contrails, guys!
(also I made that last landing on one engine. Some watch tower got me.

It was a pleasure flying with y’all again! :slight_smile:



I might have been over weight on this take off…


@Tankerwade beeing sneaky

@schurem dishing out



That was so much fun, me and tanker tag teaming those poor slobs in their watchtowers. Also the only bit where I was even remotely useful.

Me and @Tankerwade tearing the reds a new one.

Sorry to the guy @near_blind I blue-on-blued earlier :frowning: Guess I am a little rusty on my Mirage.

I also destroyed two or three hornets, one by just overflying the aforementioned dudes in watchtowers. Those machine guns wreck a hornet good. Did not make that landing. Turns out hornets without working engines do not fly.

Here it is still plodding merrily along, leaking fuel all over Russia.

We all merrily wrecked the excrement out of that mission, and the server loaded us into some awesomely scripted Persian Gulf mayhem. I didn’t do much, flew north with a bag of missiles, shot them at the bogeys (and two silkworm missiles!) then flew south to trap at the Stennis.

Me and @Maclean chilling after our CV landings.

And that’s a wrap for me, it’s 2300ish zulu and thats late o’clock in a Dutch house where toddlers and such live. It’s been real. Had a great time listening to you guys rock the buddy lasing and whack bandits left and right. What a great atmosphere. I <3 you guys :smiley: !



Mostly flew around and lobbed bombs by myself; chatter over the radio made it hard to follow everyone, so did my own little thing. :slightly_smiling_face:

Taking off after rearming. Wasted 2xAIM-7, 2xAIM-120, and about 50 rounds of 20mil on a Midas before going back and loading this up!

Loading up 65s and Mk20s because I saw some guys were getting shot down by Grisons and Geckos. Chat shows the general chaos! I managed to get up there and take out the Gecko but the Grison tagged me while I was trying to get the Mav to lock. :slightly_frowning_face:


Voyeuristic shots, with a quick peek. Not great settings in DCS to do these, but just some recording of the action.

@Gunnyhighway with the nice gentle touch.

@Tankerwade not moving very fast

The rare @BeachAV8R sighting in the wild!

@Franze looking mean and hungry

Danger, Canadians! Sorry @Fridge


Second session, wish I’d brought more droppable toys, but R-27s served OK as improvised marking rockets!

After I dumped all 9 FAB250s on a small group of hostiles, orbited to help where I could. Saw a AT-10 launched at @Tankerwade and panicked on the radio!

Some extra ventilation from a 7.62. Eventually capped the BMP with the cannon. Touched down at Senaki with ~700kg of fuel left.



From the AAR’s it looks like everyone is having a pretty darn good time. :sunglasses:



Had a great time with boxlung tonight in Hollo Pointe! Took off from Maykop, flew out west to intercept some 27s. Meanwhile boxlung went a bit further north to take care of the 29s, which they did handily. I got one of the 27s, but then was shot down by the other one. In the next round he swept all of the transports while I fumbled with my radar and INS issues. What a champ.

This was my first actual mission of taking off, finding an enemy, and getting a kill, so thanks for putting this together!




That’s the ending scene of Hot Shots!


It’s not like in old il-2 where if you wore a spiffy skin, it would get uploaded to everybody so they’d see the hello-kitty clad Bf-109 that shot them down right?


Had to lower my details to fly the Hornet…



Sweet cockpit though



Nope, you only see the skins you have. All the more reason to search the forums for the Mudspike skin pack and install it if you haven’t yet.

EDIT: this is the post you’re looking for