Mudspike 4th Annual DCS Fall Fly-In Suggestions

Only if you like the Intruder livery!


The Hollo Pointe server will be available.

Does SRS need to be installed on the Hollo Pointe server, too? (no clients use it)
edit → it does not


So just a couple of points:

  1. SRS is a very cool addition to DCS that makes communications somewhat sane on even not-so-complicated flights. I can see it’s appeal in the sandbox environment, certainly if you are trying to run a mission - we use it from time to time in our Wednesday Fibre sessions. … but … it also fragments the community somewhat, given that this is intended to be a somewhat relaxed casual atmosphere for virtual pilots who might already feel intimidated. It also tends to have conversations happening that others might wish to listen to but they wouldn’t know it was happening. We will have a few channels available on the Teamspeak server so that those who need a quiet place to explain some technique or run a mission can do so.We are not against setting up a SRS server for people to use but we would like to have most of the conversation taking place in a common room so that we can bring in those players who are unfamiliar to a multiplayer atmosphere and have a place were people won’t miss out if someone is teaching something. So … maybe, I guess :slight_smile:;
  2. Discord versus Teamspeak. We have not run into issues with Teamspeak that were not addressed by running it as an admin (Windows elevated privileges, not as some sort of server admin). Granted, we have a relatively small group of regulars on our Teamspeak server, so I am not suggesting that there are no problems, just that our SOP is Teamspeak. I can see the allure of Discord but it the few instances that I have tried to use it, it has been a bit of a complicated mess. I am open to trying this out (I’d like to take part in the Georgia At War server/campaign), so this is something that I will have to check out in the near future. For the sake of the fly-in, however, we will be urging the use of Teamspeak over other alternatives, in order to keep the community in one place;

As it is released now, just re-sugesting here :slight_smile:

Admins could add popup mesage to TS3 chanel so everyone joining will be notified to instal it prior to joining DCS server.

scooter! scooter! scooter!

I really really really love the Scooter mod for DCS. It has been the module I have been looking forward to the most for the last 3 years, despite all the Harrier, Hornet and Tomcat hype.

Still, I personally think the fly-in is not the right event for the A-4 if not having it prevents you from joining.
The whole point of the Mudspike fly-in is to be accessible: we do not require skillsets, mods or (perceived as) ‘difficult’ programs. All you need is DCS and preferably the will to install teamspeak.

Maybe do a Scooter event next weekend instead (22-23 November)? With its own thread if people are interested?

They just dont want us to play with them with the same ship :wink:

‘…go play with your Kuznetsof’ :smiley:

No scooter for the Fly-In as it would be a barrier to entry and a cause of issues with the server that are not necessarily easy to diagnose. We are trying to make the Fly-In as accessible as we can; even the inclusion of the Person Gulf map is causing us some unease as we do not want people to move beyond what they are comfortable with.

If someone wants to put up a server for the scooter, they are welcome to it and we can provide a Teamspeak channel for that effort but the ‘main’ servers will not have it.


Have to agree, since it causes an issue server side that’s a no-no in my book. Nothing says that a few of us can’t get together to fuss around with it outside of the main servers, though!

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And I would encourage it :-). I don’t want to deny scooter enjoyment.

Numbers from the poll are looking relatively stable:

Fixed Wing Total 29
F/A-18C Hornet 24 82%
AV-8B Harrier 20 68%
Su-33 Flanker-D 14 48%
M-2000C Mirage 14 48%
AJS-37 Viggen 13 44%
F-5E Tiger II 12 41%
F-14 Tomcat 11 37%
A-10C Warthog 10 34%
F-15C Eagle 9 31%
MiG-29S Fulcrum 9 31%
Su-27 Flanker 9 31%
Su-25T Frogfoot 8 27%
MiG-29A Fulcrum 7 24%
MiG-21bis 6 20%
Su-25 Frogfoot 6 20%
A-10A Warthog 3 10%
F-86F Sabre 3 10%
MiG-15bis 3 10%
Trainer Total 8
Yak-52 6 75%
L-39 Albatros 4 50%
Hawk T.1A 3 37%
C-101 Aviojet 1 12%
Rotary Wing 22
Ka-50 Black Shark 14 63%
Mi-8MTV2 13 59%
SA342 Gazelle 11 50%
UH-1H Huey 10 45%
WW II Total 17
P-51D Mustang 9 52%
Spitfire LF Mk.IX 9 52%
TF-51D Mustang Trainer 5 29%
Fw-190 D-9 Dora 4 23%
Bf-109 K-4 Kurfurst 4 23%