Mudspike 522 error?

Noticed yesterday that DCS pointed out that Chuck’s guide for the F-18 had been recently updated. As a fan of Chuck’s guides, I thought I’d check it out via the link here. However, when attempting to reach the guides via the link above (or any other Mudspike content actually), I’m getting presented with a 522 error. Anyone else having a similar problem?

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Hmmm. I will look into this.

EDIT: Can confirm. Most of the wordpress accessible components are not responding. We are looking into the issue but it may take some time.


Should be good to go now. @BeachAV8R had a quiet word with the squirrel running the hamster wheel and we have come to an agreement.


Thanks Fridge. Any chance of throwing that squirrel a few extra nuts to get him to fix whatever is causing us to login every visit with Safari mobile? Not a deal breaker for sure, but would save some of us from installing another browser. Thank you Sir.

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That’s going to have to be a patch with Discourse. We are still up to date with the latest.


Me working on Mudspike behind the curtain…


10-4. We appreciate all that you do.