Mudspike Air Cargo


Quick little 60nm trip for 10K out of Jefco Skypark MT41…I love fields like this that are a bit easier to spot…



Congrats on the salary bump. At least you are not paying them to fly anymore!


Yay…! My best landing yet in the C-185F and Air Hauler. I had tried to get into this little strip at Ousel Falls a few days ago and dinged up my airplane pretty good. The tiny 900 x 60’ strip is in a housing community and is well hemmed in by terrain and trees in all quadrants. This time, I stayed a bit higher, used full flaps, and kept a bit more airspeed in to allow for the instant speed decay during the aggressive flare…

Getting out might be interesting with 1,400 lbs. of cargo…not sure how I’ll manage that yet…


Should your real life passengers be worried that you keep damaging your virtual planes? :astonished:


I try to make all my mistakes in the virtual world…LOL…


Is there any advantage to doing passenger and/or emergency missions (the timed ones) over pure cargo flights? Will I get a larger reputation boost for each mission or does it still just tick up at .3 per mission?


Short run over to Yellowstone - looks like the weather is taking a bit of a turn, but still solid VFR all the way over…


Racing the setting sun to get one more leg in…


Fortunately the storms are just east of my track… And no nav lights for me…they don’t work in the C-185F in P3D v4…


…and down safely with just a touch of light in the sky still…

Revenue and reputation are getting there! C’mon 40!!


So an interesting afternoon at MAC. I ran out of fuel enroute. LOL. I was making dinner (tacos) and picked up a contract for a short 100 mile flight up to Kalispell. I loaded up the cargo, put on a little fuel (I thought enough), and blasted off out of that forestry strip for the trip to Kalispell. Climbed up to 12,500’, put the autopilot on, and went to the kitchen to do some cooking.

Well, I just happened to look up from mixing margaritas about 15 minutes later and saw my prop had stopped and my pitch attitude was insane nose up. I ran over, fought the autopilot for about 30 seconds (it was trying to maintain the set constraints)…and finally clicked it off. A quick look at the fuel gauges confirmed the problem…LOL…

I pulled up the GPS - and thankfully, there was pavement within a few miles. I was at 12,500’…and had a lot of drift down time…set up for an overhead, ended up a bit high, but that 185F forward slips fantastically!

Plonked down dead stick…saved my AH aircraft and career no doubt… Guess I’ll get some gas here…



Nice save.


Did you finish the margaritas? Were to tacos burnt? Don’t leave us in suspense!


Well, after the embarrassing out of fuel glide into St. Ignatius, I grab some fuel. Fortunately, this contract had a three day expiry…so taking a couple days off didn’t lose the contract for me over the weekend.

It is only a short, 15 minutes flight to the destination across Flathead Lake…

Flathead Lake Sky Ranch is a nice, easy to spot turf runway of 5,000’ length…a luxury compared to some of the strips I’ve been visiting lately…!

I roll out to the end, shut down, and open up my Air Hauler menu…

Well this is the first time I’ve seen this! Rather than risk screwing something up like damaging the airplane taxiing around, I accept the ground transport - I’ll see in about 20 minutes (the delivery should arrive at 6:20PM eastern time in real time) if I get paid for the delivery. I’ll also be curious if I get full credit with regards to reputation points…



Clearly you taxied too far down that luxurious runway.


I guess I need to open a Truck Simulator logistics company too…LOL…and a forklift simulator…


So my suspicions are confirmed. I received full pay for the mission, less the truck shipping fee, but I also .20 cargo reputation for the job as opposed to the normal .50. Which dilutes the overall rep increase to just .10 since overall reputation is the average of cargo/pax/missions rep. I should have taxied to the other end of the field…!


I did get another promotion though…



Heading down the Snake River to Weiser (S87)…


Heading west on a special mission…!


I’m sooooo excited…! Any guesses? :thinking: