Mudspike Air Cargo


I remember it well - the YC-14, if I’m not mistaken - which was competing against the YC-15 as the USAF next main transport, supposedly to replace the C-130. Never happened, of course.

I remember being quite disappointed, as I quite liked it.

Edit: d’oh! says it on the side - twice! :unamused:


She’s got huge…inlets!


Not a fan of the Cherubashka either, I take it.



Despite the ugly contract from yesterday morning where I lost money (or more correctly - damage), I managed to pull in about $35,000 flying a few more trips, which officially tips me past the point where I was on July 22 when I sold the Norway operation and moved to Mud Lake. Not only do I have more cash, I have a more valuable aircraft…so altogether I’m probably 100K better off than I was…but it took a lot of cargo hauling to get back to where I was…!

As well, Overall Reputation is sitting at 32.20, up from 24.2 when I sold the Norway operation…so we are getting closer to that 40 goal…!


…and for those wondering…I’m going to try to run this company as a single pilot / aircraft operation. Yes, I know I could hire AI pilots and get another plane and make more money faster…but I’m seeing how far/long it will take to build this company up from a Lone Wolf standpoint…

It’s just me…and the dog…


Total $428.00 AUD

Luckily paying in Australian dollars hides the true cost! It’s paying for itself already!! :slight_smile:


With AUD…you just move the decimal left one space right? Right??


In the AH1 days I could get up to 100% rep within a few days. In AH2 I think it will take a lot longer.


If @Bogusheadbox manages to get the Aardvark program back up and in the National Budget, then yes, pretty much.


Alrighty then…let’s give this back country stuff a whirl again…this time 1U2 up to 2U5…a Forestry Service strip about 163 nm northwest of Mud Lake…

Looks like a fun little trip…!


Made it in just fine…


Wingroot mounted engines are so under appreciated unfortunately…


Interesting. I think it’s your distance and airport size settings (i.e. lower than mine) that’s giving you the density of activity that I’ve not seen. In my case I get long distance relocation flights and little ability to chain things. More flying required to see if that helps.


I find it’s nothing unusual to have relatively few jobs on offer. It can depend on many things, though.

When I started a company a week or so ago, I found I had about 10 outbound jobs and not a single inbound. I’ve had similar issues with AH1, but Duncan (AH dev) wasn’t able to come up with a reason for it.


@Agent_X20 AND @Brix - I haven’t tried it, but if you move the job settings slider in options and then hit the jobs refresh button - does it instantly change the jobs available? I’d try it, but I’m not home…


I’m fairly sure you have to wait for the current jobs to expire or for the next day to roll around to generate new jobs with the revised settings.


Yes, that’s the case. Unless you buy a different aircraft, when it should supply new jobs for that aircraft.


Back to “work” this morning…