Mudspike Air Cargo


Good to know. I’m not sure I would’ve picked that strip out without external view and zooming if I was doing the flying there.

Nice pics. Make me jealous I don’t have time to do any flying right now.


The local strip here is Fenland, EGCL. It has two well marked grass runways, a busy aircraft park and bar-tower building, not to mention an NDB, yet it’s notoriously difficult to find.

In sims as well as in real life. Makes me feel not so bad when I can’t find it!


I was truly gobsmacked today - I think there must be a bug in the P3Dv4 start-up.

I imported FTX Australia and started a company at Alice Springs (not cheap for a start), then selected to sell my starting aircraft for - wait for it - 3 and a half million pounds! :open_mouth:

I just checked my balance, before even buying a plane to do my first job, and it’s £8,679,172.00 :astonished:

Wow - I’m going to get me a fantastic starter aircraft! I’ve just imported all my fave twin props, so let’s see…


Maybe that’s Metric…LOL…


Heading for Wilsall, Montana - 9U1 - nice notes!


Now we’re talking - Upper Loon Creek needs some chickens apparently…!




There’s a youtube channel with a pilot that flies into much the same airfields as that Beach! It looks like a blast to fly in/around!


Here is the real landing at Upper Loon Creek - my attempt I took power off a bit too early…developed a wee bit too high sink rate and ended up causing 1% damage to my C185… That’ll teach me! (No shrimp were damaged in the delivery however…)


This was more me…LOL…although I was high and not dragging it in…


Poor tail literally ate the dust. Although if I’d be running a company that flew into those kind of locations I’d rivet on a few extra aluminium skid plates. Better safe then sorry!


Nice 36 hour revenue stream for MAC - I flew eight legs…I’m getting better and seeing “the big picture” on the map and doubling up trips or grabbing freight contracts that will fit either to or from other contracts. No doubt someone good with logistics would be able to really do well at Air Hauler. All told I managed to gross $43,258 moving supplies all around Idaho and Montana…

Company finances are looking better and better…

Reputation is sitting at 30 - weighed by the 50 Cargo Reputation since I only fly cargo and don’t do Pax or Missions (my plane is configured for cargo on). So I’m halfway to the 40 goal for the bank loan possibilities.

As I drone along in cruise…I do what all pilots do…dreaming of bigger, faster, and better planes…


With the busy amount of virtual flying I did the past couple days - I don’t have time to really do full reports…so here is an image dump of lots of the places I went… A good time and the weather has really been nice in Idaho for weeks. I’ll be interested to see how it is when it turns ugly… Had two hard landings at some tough strips that knocked my hull down to 98%…but no real disasters. The C185 is monster hauler…but is very, very twitchy in pitch at max gross. And you have to make sure you go in and move the cargo that is put in the aft baggage station to be under 50 lbs. or you will have a nose up pitch moment that you cannot control…


Finally getting some IFR flying…! Not hard IFR…but enroute in the clouds. Gotta figure out a way to do an IFR let down which is kinda spooky in this terrain. The airport I’m heading to (U51) has no instrument approach, but it’s VFR with a ceiling of a few thousand feet…so it should be fine…



A safe let down was made…! I just crosschecked my position with a crossing radial off of Pocatello and listened to the Pocatello ATIS to give me an idea of what MSL I’d break out of the overcast and it worked fine. Broke out and proceeded VFR to Bancroft and dropped my cargo…

Then I hopped over to Simpson VFR low-level just a few miles, picked up a return load to Mud Lake and blasted off. 1200 lbs. of freight makes for a delicate initial climb…


Another 20K in the bank this evening…


Looks like someplace Close Encounters 2 should happen at. Or a future base for my Evil Lair…

Big Southern Butte (7,560)…a prominence of about 2,000’ just randomly out in the middle of nowhere…


So even as I’m plugging away - I’m doing my research for my next airplane (and airport). I had always been considering the Quest Kodiak - looks like that will bump my maximum cargo capacity up to around 3,100 lbs. (with very little fuel). I wish I knew if Milviz had any plans to release an Mu-2 anytime soon…I see they were developing one, but haven’t really seen anything about it in the past two years really…


New version was released today (V53) - I see they added the Barry Seal modifications…!

You can now purchase used aircraft when in Nomad mode
After a flight, you’ll be asked if you want to save the new fuel burn value
Boarding time - added units in Sector Details for clarity
Pax flight processing should now correctly use UTC time
Flights folder wasn’t created if it doesn’t exist when saving the flight with the autosave
Trapped an error when getting the processor ID
You can now buy commodities when in Nomad mode
Aircraft over 90% condition now have a 2% chance of a failure occurring
Who’s the leader of the club that’s made for you and me?
Pax route utilisation now uses approximated local time rather than UTC
You can no longer fly unavailable aircraft incorrectly
Smuggling missions now appear at NPC reputations over 30%
Failing a smuggling mission results in a chance the aircraft will be impounded
Airport ICAO Exclusion list updated
You can now pay off a fine to return an impounded aircraft to service
You cannot close a base which has a factory while the factory remains open
You can now launch AH2 directly into a company by passing the company name as an argument (enclose in quotes)
You can now edit portions of the FLT file from options (not position/flight plan portions though)