Mudspike Air Cargo


Heading to 1MT0, just north of Yellowstone…


Nice little community up in the hills…


So this one is too good (and challenging!) to pass up. $5,325 to run 1065 lbs. of ice 14nm…



And after 20 minutes looking on Google Maps…I guess this is it??


Quick question for you BeachAV8R… have you adjusted the job generation settings on AH2 at all? I’ve found the job generation to be rather sparse, resulting, at least in the early days, in long trips in small slow planes.

PS Really enjoy these AH2 threads of yours. :+1:


I just set my sliders as below and the game has done the rest. I have a fairly densely populated map with trips that give me a wide array. I don’t know if it has anything to do with the types of planes I own as well (Maule and Cessna 185F)…

And this is what my current available Jobs Map looks like - lots of smaller airports with loads that range from a few hundred pounds to a few hundred pounds more than what my plane can carry (so you’d have to make multiple trips)…


Interesting! I normally set the top slider to the right and everything else fully to the left.

One thing that frustrates me - I am flying an AC500S in Oz. Now this thing can carry a few people - at least 5, in addition to the pilot. So howcome my max cargo is just over 1,000lbs?

Let’s face it, the kind of wealthy types that would be able to afford travelling in such luxury are not exactly known for their beanpole body shapes! The phrase “fat cat” comes to mind!

So, I can take, what 3 of these (in addition to my own weight, of course) and no-one is allowed any baggage?

My AC500 can carry less than your C185F!


Don’t quote me on this because I’m not 100% positive on this - but I think the max cargo figure comes from the AIR file or something and is a simple calculation of available payload with maximum fuel on board. So, at least with my Cessna 185F, as I reduce fuel load, my cargo capacity goes up. The max cargo figure is in place for AI pilots (they cannot displace fuel for additional cargo), but for human pilots, you can exceed that max cargo load at the penalty of reduced fuel (not to exceed the MTOW however). At least, that is how I think it works. So your AC500 might show a max cargo load of 1,000 lbs., but if you fuel it with 25% fuel, I’d be curious if you could carry a lot more (?)… I think it should be closer to 1,500 lbs. or so?


Argh…a bit of a disaster this evening with MAC. So last night I was contemplating the short money maker flight from Big Sky to Ousel Falls…a super short 900’ strip that sounded exciting…

Well, last night I got paged out to fly (real life) and pulled a 13 hour night (KCLT - KGRR - KSUS - KGRR - KCLT). After getting some sleep today, I came down to make an attempt at that Air Hauler mission only to find that it had expired. Stupid me - I had signed up for something that was expiring in just a few hours.

Even though it is expired, it is still available - so I decided to fly it anyway…

Headed down to Big Sky, picked up the load, and jumped the short distance over the mountains…

It bears repeating that the ORBX regional sceneries are fantastic and allow for true pilotage flying by comparing what you see out the window to the sectional chart. Here is the ski area east of Big Sky and the resort/golf course that makes a good landmark…

I found the airport…good grief that is short. I had a poor approach…was a bit slow…and didn’t go around (if I could have anyway due to the density altitude). I was trying to maintain a minimum airspeed crossing the boundary and ended up getting a bit too slow and my 1,000 lbs. + of cargo ended up setting up an excessive sink rate. Bam…!


So due to the late delivery, I fail the contract, lose the revenue, and (more importantly) lose .4 of the always hard won reputation points…grrr…

I also suffer 6 points of damage to my aircraft…quite a lot of damage considering on previous hard landings I only lost 1 point two times.



Overall…a horrible contract…



Yes, I can definitely carry more cargo if I load less fuel.

I noticed in some aircraft, when fully loaded and with full fuel, they are well over the MTOW, and I’m wondering if this would then be the case with the AC500. The pasengers can only weigh up to a certain amount before it’s over MTOW - otherwise the cargo weight (which I interpret as any load in the aircraft - not in addition to passengers) wouldn’t make sense, because 5 passengers can easily weigh more than 1,000lbs.

Doesn’t seem much for the aircraft spec. Mind you, generally, the Learjets can’t carry much, either.

I’m surprised you look at the cargo type, too - I just look at where from, where to, how long to go and how much? :grinning:


Ever smelled 1,200 lbs. of shrimp that have sat in an unrefrigerated airplane on a hot ramp for eight hours?



The day Mudspike Air Cargo has been waiting for…!!



Mrs Brix will be getting her rolling pin out!

Take cover!! :pensive:

Edit: Actually, it’s not so bad - I had actually forgotten that I already bought North Germany! I tell you, my wife is right - I’ve got so much stuff that I haven’t got a clue what I have got any more :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I don’t know if it’s the same in AH2, but it was either AH1 or Cargo Pilot - you would get sound effects related to your cargo.

So if you were transporting livestock, you would hear cows moo-ing and sheep bah-bah. Not to be mistaken for the FO :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:





Well…I’m looking at it as an investment for the next probably few years. I plan to build up my Air Hauler company in that region. They are making the airports compatible with P3D v4. And I love the IFR flying in that whole northwest corner of the country. At least…that’s how I’m rationalizing it… And that isn’t ALL the airports in that region…I did go through and pick out the ones I wanted most…I think I only bought about half or 2/3rds of the ones available north of San Francisco. I don’t plan to fly much south of SFO…scenery density is just too much…

This is about the area I plan to concentrate in…


It’s a shame that map stops just East of my fave hauling base - 5NN, Nondalton. Done many times more hauling from there than anywhere else, combined.

and if you like that kind of challenge…


I think you could use this…


What the hell. It wasn’t beaten with the ugly stick…it fell through the whole tree!!!