Mudspike Baseball League

So I’m looking to start a Mudspike Baseball League using Out of the Park Baseball 17 (and migrating to 18 when it’s out).

To start, I’m looking at suggestions for cities for some teams. At the moment, I’m leaning towards 1 league, 2 divisions, 8 teams each (16 total).

So cities and team names! This will be a totally fictional baseball league, no real players. It won’t use fully up-to-date baseball rules either (e.g. salary caps and all that), they’ll be adjusted to something I find reasonable/fun. I’ll post more details on that as I start things going.

If someone wants to create logos for the teams and stuff, I can figure out the details for how to include those as well. I’d be thrilled for this actually, as I’m super weak on graphics and such.

If you want to adopt a team to cheer for, make suggestions, write fan articles, etc… I’d be happy to work on that as well with you. You could pick uniform colours, etc…

I’m also happy to add people into the draft classes in the future once I figure out the parameters for that (few days after I get the league set up). Maybe you’ll go on to have a hall of fame career in the Mudspike Baseball League!

In any case, step 1!

Please suggest team names and cities (and indicate if you’d like to adopt that team). I’d like to have a relatively common theme among names, however, not a total hodge podge of random stuff.

Ready, set, go!

I’d love to, but I’ve got a bit too much on my plate at the moment. Me and my sports teams traditionally don’t do so well…the Phillies seem to do a bit better than the Eagles…but usually the results are similarly depressing.

No worries. For anyone interested there’s not much you’d be required to do. I’ll be running the simulation myself (maybe controlling my own team,aybe not depending on many want to pick teams for themselves - I could just some the whole thing instead of controlling a team).

In any case, I did a very rough setup last night but am definitely looking for team name suggestions / locations still.

I don’t even get the rules. :blush: :smile:
So count me out. :smiley: