Mudspike BloodBowl 2 League

Well there are four of us here that have it.

Lets lay down some SMACK DOWN !!!

Who when where and what team will you play?

I’m in


I’m in but I’m still getting up to speed on how to play (I am bad).

I’ve completed first two “tutorial” games in the campaign. I’ve been super super busy lately, and I’m going to be so until end of March, really. I have time for a few games here and there, but once April comes I’ll have a bit more time again.

I have the game, haven’t played it yet. I’m usually available most evenings after 8:30 eastern time, after the little one goes to bed.

That’ll work for me too once my schedule calms down (at least until June when the new baby arrives and then I’ll be playing with her sleeping in my arms, obv).

I’m in.
High elves.

Just kidding!

Bretonians or Orcs probably.

Chaos for me.