Mudspike Country Club

So I did manage to pick up The Golf Club 2019 last night for $12.49 - seems like a good deal. I will say that performance moreso than the graphics are greatly improved. Everything looks great and play is very smooth. I skipped the tutorial and went right into a round…uh…the first hole with the snowman shows where I was learning some of the mechanics.

Not sure how the MP works yet. In previous versions, it was sort of like you were playing another person, but you didn’t actually see them, you just saw their ball moving around the course. I think me and @Rhinosaurus played a couple rounds at one point. I can’t play tonight, but maybe next week when I’m off I’d love to tee some up with anyone else that is game. We can try to decide which runway would be best for Mudspike Air Cargo operations… Too bad there isn’t cross platform play with the X-Box since I picked it up for my dad last week too.


@Rhinosaurus, @adlabs6 and myself got it tonight. So, you’d better play more than one game before moving on to another game. :stuck_out_tongue:

There are societies in-game, so we can be a Mudspike Club.

Rhino created a Mudspike Country Club society. Go to the societies page and search at the magnifying glass.

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Haha it lists me as the president.

Unfortunately they don’t implemented an invite feature so you literally have to search for the club. Sorry!

Cool…I’ll check that out this morning. With my coffee, I went ahead and started the Career mode with the Q-School Qualifier. I picked the medium difficulty. I surprised myself by playing a pretty good round with no major foul ups. Only one bogey and five birdies.

Start of the round the leaders were sitting at two under…so I knew I had to play a fair round with no double-bogeys or worse…

Started to breathe a sigh of relief when I was up by two strokes going into the last three holes. Finished out at -4…


From the original tgc but I assume it carries over. Good for helping you estimate distances with elevation changes, etc…

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We have got to somehow integrate DCS World…Combat Golf! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Like this?


Can I use a JTAC laser as a rangefinder?


I completed setup and played my first 6 holes this morning. Quite impressed, seems to be very solid gameplay. I started using mouse swing (which I used to do constantly on my previous PC golfing game). Will experiment with controller soon.

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Don’t forget to join the society!

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Yeah, I’m using an X-Box controller and I like it pretty well. I skipped the lessons, so I should probably go back and try them out to learn more about drawing and fading the ball and perhaps changing the loft and types of shots.

My current threads in-game. I think this represents Mudspike…ground textures for the pants and blue sky for the top. :smiley:

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You shot a -4 without knowing how to adjust your shots? Wow.

Well, I saw how the X button on my controller could change it from chip, loft, punch, but I still haven’t figured out how to fade or draw - I’ll head to the driving range when I get home. :smiley:

I know all those and still managed a quintuple bogey on the 2nd at sawgrass this afternoon against saghen and adlabs.

@prof get this game while it’s still on sale.


True Story: When I was the Director of Fleet Training at Fleet Intel Training Center Pacific (FITCPAC) I sent in a request for laser pointers for the all instructors. One of the options that came back from the (literally) little old ladies in tennis shoes working in admin, was a no kidding laser range finder and target designator. If I had used my whole budget, I think I could have purchased it. :astonished:


That’s a good deal for $12, picked it up. I didn’t play ‘The Golf Club’ a lot (sort of forgot about it) but this one does look nice.

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Where is it $12? I’m seeing it on steam for $50/

Top post had it here:

The Golf Club 2019 featuring the PGA TOUR |

I’ve not used them before, but it worked fine.