Mudspike DCS World Fly-In: November 13-15

Mudspike DCS World Fly-In: November 13-15

By @EinsteinEP - November 2, 2015

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It’s always been a part of the Mudspike vision to have regular community activities that bring us together and in that spirit we will be hosting a DCS World Fly-In from November 13th to 15th.

Enjoying the ride in the backseat of a human-piloted L39C.

The Mudspike DCS World Fly-In will be geared for all levels of experience and confidence:

  • Newcomers are welcome and their questions will be patiently answered, sometimes even by knowledgeable people. ??
  • More experienced folks can meet up with others to work on multiple-ship operations, formations, etc.
  • Workshop sessions will be created for specific desires or needs: intro to formation flying, radio navigation, weapons employment, aerial refueling, helicopter basics, etc.

Thanks to some Mudspike volunteers, we will have both DCS World 1.2 Release and DCS World 1.5 Open Beta servers running. Both are free-to-play and come with flyable Su-25T and the TF-51D modules. You can download each directly from the Digital Combat Simluator website.

Although not required, voice comms are strongly recommended. Log in to the Mudspike Teamspeak 3 server to join in the fun!

A welcome sight for a thirsty traveler.

There are no sign-ups, no assessment tests, no fees, no required modules, no required modifications. Just join up and enjoy!

If you’ve been putting off playing multiplayer because it’s just too daunting, or if you’ve been longing to practice tactical formations or advanced BFM with a human instead of robotic AI, now is the time!

On November 13, 14, or 15, dial into our Teamspeak 3 server and login to our Mudspike DCS World Fly-In servers and say hello!

Check our forums for more details as the date approaches!

Shoot to Kill, Play to Have Fun!