Mudspike DCS World Fly-In: Server Test

Good Afternoon fellow desktop pilots,

I haven’t hosted a public server since the release of the Huey (yeah, THAT long) so I think a little test run is in order.
As of right now I’m hosting the Free Flight map throughout the afternoon and evening today and I would love to get some guys on for a little stress test.
The server name is Fly-In - Derby’s Free Flight TEST RUN running the latest 1.5 Beta client.
Apart from the occasional restart the server will be up until around 23:00UTC, maybe a bit later.
If there are any questions or issues I am available on the Mudspike Teamspeak Server and on Steam.

I know this is rather short notice but maybe we can get something going


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Cool, will hop on later tonight!

Great ping for me :smiley:

Are you running the latest public release or beta 1.5?

it’s on 1.5 atleast it was a few hours back when I joined it.

Yes, sorry I should’ve mentioned. It’s the latest 1.5 Beta version.

Hey Derby, it was great to meet you and the server ran very well. Good pings and performance from here on the east coast of the U.S.

I am looking forward to next weekend!



Nice to see some of you guys on there :smile:

I’m going to take a break for a while to get some food. If there are any issues with the Server poke me on Teamspeak. I’ll have a look from time to time

Edit: A new OB update has just been released. I am NOT running that yet.

Edit²: I’m going to update now. Server will be back when the update is installed

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Pretty big update for a fairly small list of changes. Hmmm…

Now that I am online, you all need to come on and say ‘hello’.

New update seems really unstable for me. Needs further testing though-

oh wow yeah, 3GB. You’d think it contains the NTTR or part of it? or the M2kC?

Had quite a few crashes with the new update. I really hope they get a more stable update out before the fly-in.

Other than that, network usage was manageable with 12 clients on - 20 clients on a free flight map should be fine with my connection. I just hope 12GB RAM offers enough head room so I won’t have to restart the server constantly.