Mudspike DiRT Rally 2.0 - January 2024 Championship [COMPLETE]

A 2-event Championship for January has been created.

  • Łęczna County, Poland
  • Powys, Wales

Each Rally:
3 stages
7 days duration

Car Class: Modern Rally R5

  • Citroen C3 R5
  • Ford Fiesta R5
  • Mitsubishi Space Star R5
  • Peugeot 208 T16 R5
  • Skoda Fabia R5
  • Volkswagen Polo GTI R5

The championship concludes on 27 January 2024 at 1315 UTC.

:checkered_flag: :racing_car:

If you are not part of the Mudspike DiRT Rally 2.0 club, see this post about joining!


Not a lot of screenshots. Fairly conservative and that time isn’t exactly going to set the world on fire but it ‘felt’ good and no damage… just wanted to get something on the board without going nuts and letting the ‘red mist’ take over.


Curious, anyone here using the username Guzman8670 or Guzman4? Just saw their entry in the current rally. I just realized the club is set to public league so anyone could join. But all are welcome!

No idea?

Belgian judging by their flag.

Still have one stage to go in Poland, but that was brutal. And cruel making it a wet stage with that cobblestone section at the end!

Finished in one piece, but slow.


Stage 2 was my worst of the three segments. The bails did me in.

I was ultra conservative in stage 2. And the big jump on stage 3 nearly caught me out!

But at least I managed to finish this round… I didn’t think I was going to, we have had our first few days without rain and have been catching up on outdoor chores.

My Stage times:


Poland should be one of the easier rallies, weather permitting, and therein lies my problem. A couple of pints and I am feeling like Collin McRae incarnate. I managed to spin in the first two stages while overdriving the car, and got the car stuck between two hay bales in the second. For the third, I put the beer back in the fridge and drove very conservatively, no doubt frustrating my co-driver. How we managed to hold on to the lead is one of life’s mysteries. But that won’t be for long. Chaz will no doubt obliterate our times and be drinking the bubbly in the morning. Love seeing all of the Fords for a change.

On to Wales, one of the finest rallies in the world. The word around the paddock is that @keets is throwing a party with mutton and home brew! Hope to see you there!


I was leaning towards the VW or Skoda (same car really), but clicked on the Fiesta by mistake.

Note to self: Don’t click on car to check stats, it means you are stuck with it!

I might have to get a bit of practice in on Powys… from memory Wales will definitely be one to separate the men from the boys?


I had a decent first stage, still slower than you, soon as the rain came down it all went wrong. :rofl:

On the second stage I had an excursion off the road, on the third I went right instead of left when it got to the farm/bales and had to reverse.

Good fun, now on to Powys…. then all back to mine for a BBQ. :slightly_smiling_face:


Had to sit out this week and likely next week due to work commitments. Slightly lower turnout this time around.

Congrats to the stage winners and chipwich on the rally win! On to Wales


….Gods country. :slightly_smiling_face:


Well it was all going well until it got dark for the second stage.

I like Pant Mawr (Welsh for Big Hollow) as a stage, but never done it in the dark. I managed to get sideways and disoriented in one of the narrow bits which lost a bit of time…

3rd stage wet!!! It’s Wales…. Obvs. Tough and was too loose. Lost a bit on one of the handbrake turns as I was a bit too hot and held the brake on too long and spun out. Recovery wasn’t too bad, but this Guzman chap is keeping it tidy Vantanen style.

Enjoyed the runs, I’m off to get the BBQ on, bring a brolly it’s a bit wet at the minute.


Nicely defended on home soil keets! You blistered Fferm Wynt!

I’ve worked up quite an appetite trying to reign in the wily Belgique, but Guzman proved too slippery in the wet! Hopefully, your animals won’t mind another stable mate Saturday evening. I plan to party into the wee hours and don’t care to meet the local constable on bad terms. :smile: :meat_on_bone: :beers:

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It has been another hectic week at Harry’s farm. I had set aside some time yesterday but an impromptu trip into town put paid to that and we have the farrier coming out tomorrow.

Today is shaping up to be a scorcher temperature wise, so between getting up at sparrow fart this morning to get some outdoor chores done early and heading over to the neighbours this afternoon for ‘Australia’ Day, I managed to get through all three stages but in a bit of a rush… And it shows!

Stage 1 - Clipped the inside of a corner a about halfway into the stage and blew a tyre. The co-driver did say “don’t cut”, but I was overdriving the car something fierce.

Stage 2 - Calmed my driving, but like Keets, got a bit discombobulated in the dark and zigged when I should have zagged. I can imagine my co-driver saying “your other left stupid”.

Stage 3 - Nothing good about it… I will leave it at that.

So overall:

And a rally best forgotten. Hopefully the next one can be all ‘shiny and chrome’

But I am looking forward to the BBQ.


doing some practice drives. this time keeping my controller safe, trying joystick :grin:

edit: it isnt that bad with joystick, but didnt figure out yet how to map the shifting so I can reach it with the fingers


lol, did the test drives in the other Skoda :smile: but not the last after the first stage, so all good for now

the last wet stage got me. finished first two without any damage, but the last one was demolition derby :rofl:

thx @Chaz , had fun!


Of course I had to do the rally on the last day again. Has me wondering if surface degradation is enabled.

This time, though I did things a bit differently: I finally managed to keep disciplined and drive at a speed that felt safe and slow to me. Finished 4th (but almost 30 secs behind the podium) on the first stage.

On the second stage I got stuck off track twice and had to use the reset: once hanging over an edge with the front wheels and once on a pile of logs.
This was also the first stage where I started using the handbrake. Was too busy braking and shifting up until now. The resets (8+9 seconds) did push me back behind Harry on this one.

Helped by your warnings, I held back on the third stage again and managed to finish in 4th position.

Way way behind the podium of course… but looks like I might be “first of the middle group” so far. Great improvement over my previous rallies.

Would be a shame if @miRage pushed me down the leaderboard in these final hours…


saw that mentioned somewhere but cant recall if it was in my time trials training or in the event though.

one thing that bothered me in my drives was performance. but didnt realise the culprit of it only after completion of the event.
even turned off the TAA during the event to make things smoother.

I was in 2k res with 60Hz (my MSFS settings). and my happy place is FHD with 120Hz (my DCS settings).
I just cant help myself but I notice the diference between 60/120Hz in the sims.

lets get some training in Poland!

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I did realize that I can tweak the copilot. he was just talking to me two corners too early :rofl: