Mudspike Drink Thread

Still dialing in my new beans. My grind yesterday looked a bit course and sure enough I messed up the extraction somehow. Bitter start, earthy/woody flavors in the middle, not much of a finish.

Told myself I would tighten up the grind and drop my water temp to 96, but forgot to adjust the grind :crazy_face:

Initial honey notes, a bit of acidity, bitter finish. Getting closer. Next I’ll actually tighten up the grind and drop the water temp another 2 degrees or so.

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Try a pitch of salt to get rid of the bitterness. Counter-intuitive I know, but works.


If your water is already at 96, then the only other cause for the bitterness I can think of is that your grind is already too fine or the water is taking too long to pass through the grounds… i.e. over-extraction.

Having a look at your earlier post, it looks like quite a dark roast? My rule of thumb is: the darker the roast, the coarser the grind.

Grind was too coarse, imo. Brew finished in under 2 minutes.

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I had a Gaggia Classic Coffee. It was my second portafilter after a cheap 80€ machine from amazon which I quickly discarded.

The Gaggia a proper machine that produces good espresso. I bought mine from a friend who installed some mods. Eventually I had to replace the boiler because of corrosion. That aluminum boiler might be the Achilles heal of this machine. I read that the new models use a different boiler which has issues with the Teflon coating :grimacing:

I eventually upgraded to a Rocket Cellini E61 heat exchanger and couldn’t be more happy. These machines feel so satisfying to use, despite (or because) of their old fashioned design.

It’s totally impractical. Takes 30mins to warm up and two cups of cafe latte take 5 min to prepare. But I really enjoy the ritual. It’s like morning Zen.

I also drink pour over from a Hario V60. It’s much faster but still highly ritualized.

Regarding coffee, I entered the land of diminishing returns a long time ago and never looked back :wink:


It’s just that too often people say “coffee” when they mean “dessert” but they want to act like it’s “coffee.”

If they say they’re a big coffee drinker, but can’t even down one cup with milk and sugar (let alone black), it’s NOT the same thing.

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