Mudspike Drink Thread

We have a food thread, so why not? Coffee, beer, wine, spirits, what else we got?

I’m a big coffee nerd but recently I’ve been learning to better appreciate wines and craft beers. I’ve also dabbled in whisky for years but really struggle to develop a taste for it as quickly as I could coffee, beer, or wine. It’s mainly the burn on the tongue for me. Like I get partially there on understanding the flavors, but the tongue burn always interrupts the process. The one time I remember a really good Scotch I enjoyed, it was Craigellachie 13 on the rocks at a bar, and had probably oxidized quite a bit considering how much was left in the bottle.

Trying out an Arran 10 tonight as it comes highly recommended. Nose is harsh; smells like generic Scotch and ethanol. Straight gave a lot of honey, which I like. Immediately followed by burning ethanol and pennies. After the burn went away, lingering taste of dried fruits. With a teaspoon of water the burn got better but the flavors got really muted.

Guess I have a lot to learn and try.


I was completey sober for 14 years. Alcohol doesnt agree with me.
Till i found stella artois. Zero hangover. Ever. Its like magic


People who don’t drink make me feel bad about myself. So glad to know that you fell off the wagon, @Victork2


I can’t, I’m one of that tiny percentage that spit out alcohol the instant it gets in my mouth because it tastes just AWFUL. Like worse than rancid prune juice awful.

However, I can drink a wide variety of regular and diet sodas that my wife finds repugnant, like Code Red Mt Dew or some of those other less mainstream flavors, so…I guess it’s literally a matter of taste!


Maybe give this a go. Knowing where you are geographically, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding it:

Very mild/smooth. My wife could never understand my like of a good single malt, every time I could convince her to take a sip she would screw her face up and act like I was trying to poison her.

Until my brother bought me a bottle for my birthday one year. I talked her into taking a sip and she actually went back for a second. It is a single grain (made from corn not barley mash) quite sweet for a whisky with very strong honey notes.

I always have a bottle in my liquour cabinet these days.


I also don’t mind Stella. And although I tend to prefer an ale over lager, most of the craft ales these days (especially an IPA) are way over hopped for me.

Lately, I have been buying a very nice Czech lager. I can generally get it for not much more than Fosters (which we don’t actually drink here).

If you see this it is worth trying.



Fyi possibly the best thing to come out of Belgium except the E40


NO to substitutions of original ingredients”


I remember Budvar, Stella, Urquell, and a dark beer I don’t recall the name of when I was studying abroad in Plzn. There was one more “standard” beer that they drank a lot over there but I can’t remember it either…I just remember the name sounded more Gaelic than it did Czech.

I actually don’t drink a whole lot, 2~3 glasses of something per week at most. Usually just a social/date night drinker.

Adding some variety with non-alcoholic drinks: my coffee beans for the next few weeks:

While I’m at it, had to clean the old coffee off the burrs on my mill.

Funny thing I noticed is my taste in red wine and black coffee are the same: medium body, fruity or berry notes, slight acidity.


What a lot of people don’t realise about Australians is that we are total coffee snobs.

On the plus side. For tourists, you can get a coffee as good as anything you will get in Rome, Paris or Vienna just about anywhere… Even in the middle of the Outback and it is quite often even better.

I wouldn’t touch instant these days if my life depended on it. I will drink tea or water instead.

And sorry, not sorry to my US friends. What you serve as coffee in your diners… it aint coffee. There is also a reason why Starbucks never took off in this country.

I fresh grind every time (make sure you use a burl grinder like @Clutch)

And buy my beans, believe it or not, at Aldi!

My wife doesn’t drink coffee. So I use a (Bialetti) 1 cup perculator… Or a French Press if we have guests.


I’ll drink to all the above :slight_smile:


On the subject of coffee I’m really tempted to get a Gaggia Classic to experiment with espresso. A bit of an expensive experiment, though…


I drink a frightening amount of coffee. I know everyone says that but i really do push the limits of it :rofl:


Do you drink “real” coffee, or the Starbucks mocha latte frothy sugary convert-cost-to-calories hot liquid ice cream type?


Black coffee. No sugar.


Man you say that like you don’t appreciate being able to buy a caffeinated milkshake in 90% worlds countries. I don’t go to Starbucks for coffee, I go there for dessert.


it is completely different story for me.

I knew I was going to drink whiskey even before I got to the legal age. I mean I didnt try it before that :slight_smile:

I just knew that its the spirit for me. Once I got to the age and tasted whiskey for the first time I knew that it is it. drinking it since, not continuously oc :grin:

surly my taste developed geographically during the time. I started with american, then irish and ended up with scotch and local. nothing fancy, just the regular stuff.

the last exotic one I tasted, which was really fine, was swedish


Anyone remember those? The Aldi-Bier (Germany) of the 80ies and 90ies … I think it was 50 Pfennig a can or so, 25 Euro-Cent roughly. Slime even made a song about the beer, he he. Punk’s not dead :smiley:


Proper coffee