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So we have a food thread and a where are you thread so why not a gardening thread. We have a diverse coverage on these forums in terms of global locations and whilst I would like to showcase my current project I hope this thread will give me information and inspiration of what we all do with the space we have available.
I also think with the world as it is growing more of our own food and flowers can help our fight against climate change and provide a habitat for insects and wildlife it can also be a balm for the soul.
So without further adoo let me show you my latest project.

Deciding where to erect my old polytunnel I bought 6 years ago and disassembled when we moved.

And after deciding I measured and sank the 4 corner posts. The original tunnel was 12 foot by 25 foot but this is now too long for the location I have for it. Thankfully it is modular to a certain extent so I have gone with a 20 foot tunnel.

I have ordered a new cover and the other bits and pieces that need replacing such as the self tapping screws.
2 weeks for delivery means I can finish digging the ground over and hopefully set the path and beds so all is ready for covering.
I look forward to seeing other gardening projects and produce from around the world. :blush:
Oh and this is what it was like in full swing


Ooh I love it! As a landscaper myself, this holds some professional interest to me.

My own garden of course is a mess. The front yard, about eight square metres is an intended mess of mixed semi wild flowers, covering plants and such. We tried and fairly succeeded in making a little jungle that always has something flowering from March to October, giving food and shelter to all our six legged friends.

The backyard is larger and is mainly decorational, but not very pretty :wink: near the southern end, where most sunlight falls, a small apple tree yields about 6 to 8 kilos of apples every year, and there’s about three square meters of strawberries that used to give awesome yields as well, but need to be replaced I think.

I promised the kids I’d dig out a pit trampoline when the boy graduates swimming lessons. That might be a while lol.


Like cars that are owned by car mechanics often are! :smiley:


@schurem after crashing viggens the next tubes went in with the support braces. Once I put the main lengthways supports across the roof is time to get the trusty spirit level out


That’s a great tunnel you’re building there mate! You intend to grow food in it? If so, what?

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We have grown sweetcorn tomatoes pretty much anything. It’s great there is always something growing all year round. Added bonus it keeps pests off your seedlings.

We have four raised bed gardens, as well as a ton of wild growing spices and seasoning around our property. We also have a dozen or so grow bags for more peppers and tomatoes sprinkled around our back patio.

Here are some of them a couple winters ago - we gave them a winter off and refertilized them with cow manure and some ash. Usually we have winter veggies in them as well (not as tasty as the summer veggies for sure). My wife does all organic, no pesticides…which can be a bit of a struggle…

Here is a picture showing the ones against the back wall…that is the south facing wall and gets tons of sunlight. Peppers, potatoes, all kinds of stuff in those burlap type bags with dirt in them.


Ash at least wood Ash is great for the garden. I wish I had a growing season like you though. Peppers outdoors is impossible over here.
I did a bit more work this afternoon. Hope I don’t have too many bits left over :thinking:


A wonderful topic! A very cool tunnel too.

How do you deal with pollination?

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Well it has to have the doors open when it’s warm for ventilation and a small wicket to stop the hens getting in allows ample access for bugs. I net any brassicas to stop butterfly egg/catapiller damage but everything else is fine

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Always hated gardening as a kid but with the way things are it may be a skill I need to reacquire…


My 3 raised sleeper beds and a decorative star jasmin hedge that took off quite nicely.

The beds were fun to build - learned a bunch of stuff, working with such heavy pieces.


Assembling the greenhouse a couple of weekends ago.


I have done a bit more. The cover will be 2 weeks before delivery so plenty of time to get things done


Man I’d love to hop on the bike and come dig that soil up for you. It’s one of my favourite jobs in landscaping, turning soil and egalising it.


Feel free when restrictions allow. Its a nice place to drink gin in too, those summer evenings when it hits 30c inside tunnel. Couple of lawn chairs and sorted. I discovered I can still access my WiFi from the tunnel too
Finished for the day anyhow


Too bad there’s the North sea between us, and about 600km as the crow flies :wink:

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All ready for the cover arriving tomorrow


Looking good - exciting times! What’s in the planting schedule?

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I have seedlings in the other shed including sweetcorn which I grow on small mounds with a melon plant next to it which provides shade for the roots and keeps the weeds down, I also plant a French bean with each sweetcorn and this grows up the sweetcorn and adds nitrogen back to the soil through its roots. It’s a native American system that works really well. I also have tomatoes, kale, basil, chard cauliflower, cabbage pak choi, salad spring onion etc :green_salad:

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