Mudspike Harrier Fun

Had a great time tonight w/ @fearlessfrog, @Bogusheadbox, @Tankerwade, @Fridge, @AeroMechanical great mission, great AFAC, looking forward to some more DCS nights. Here is the uncut first 40 minutes of the flight, the SRS radio effects are pretty cool. Ill make some links to the more important parts. Also I forgot to activate my mic on Geforce Experience, so it didnt capture any audio from me.

First attack run (totally safe Maverick shot…)

Second attack run

Tanker putting on the FARP tutorial


Seems so unfair. :wink:

It was a fun flight.


Was a really good time.

I gotta turn my SRS mic down more, sorry about that Gunny. It’s hard to tell how loud it is to others until you hear it like that in a video. Will crank it down.


Looking at those videos- did you do all of that without even a TrackIR? You madman! :grin:

I’ll see if I can think about ways to fine-tune my AFAC’ing in the future. When the Harrier actually gets UFC support it’ll be nice to give you guys a Lat/Lon or Grid reference for your ingress to the target area.

In the meantime I’m still trying to figure out the best way to give you guys an offset relative to a common waypoint or reference point.


Your volume was fine, it just recorded that loud. I really should invest in a track IR, but I’ve found a pretty good system. All this from my couch as well about 10 feet from the monitor.

I thought your talk ons were great. I knew exactly where to start looking. Especially during one of the runs that was after I stopped recording. When I dropped Mk 82s on that convoy. Very easy to follow.

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