Mudspike Hockey Thread


Cmon Bruins. Give up a two goal lead in the third and then Rask lets in the game winner in OT. Just terrible.


Looks like you got your wish


1 Game isnt Enough…


Yes this was a mean hit. Seems like the pens don’t have a goon who wanted to pick up a fight so Calvert got frustrated.

Well Pittsburgh answered with an OT goal in game 3 :slight_smile:


3-3 again, really? Like I need this stress…

Edit: and again, same result.

How are the Red Sox doing these days?


I wish Washington would ease up on the hooliganism. :slight_smile:


By golly…


Columbus had really strong first 30 mins and gave Pit a very hard time. Final 10 mins of second saw Pens fighting back in style.

Then I had to go to sleep because it was already 3 a.m. in my time zone :wink:

Nice game though


I think the complete shut out last year from the playoffs lit a fire under the asses of a lot of Canadians. It’s nice to see the Canadiens and Edmonton doing good (Even though I’m pulling for the Sharks).


Edmonton has poor management,

they had like 6 or 7 1st overall picks and still mis-managed those players.


How do you have too many men on the ice with 2 minutes to go in the third period of a 2-2 game?

For the Bruins it just comes naturally I guess.

Edit: and the third overtime of the series coming up…

Edit 2: two Bruins goals refused by replay and still we play on…

Edit 3: and double OT coming up…

Edit 4: and the Bruins live to skate again! Back to Boston for more heartburn.


Well isn’t that a surprise. 4th overtime in six games. Good. I was afraid someone would just win the game outright this time.

Final edit: Just a terrible penalty in OT sends the Bruins onto the golf course. Fitting end for an under-achieving team.


Yay Ottawa and Edmonton!


I’m pulling for Ottawa. I was hoping the Sharks would sneak by, as I like an underdog!


Oh shiz, the Oilers and Senators are both a game away from advancing. I was really surprised the Senators.


Man the Oilers game must have been insane to watch lol


most of the scoring was in the first 20 minutes. lol.

EDM came out, Anahiem as usuall was sleep walking.


I am impressed with the Oilers at the moment. My understanding is that McDavid is under-performing but the rest of the team is certainly stepping up. He is likely drawing a lot of attention though, so that is likely giving the others a lot of room. Would like to see him get some more scoring going. Would also like to see them in an eastern time zone so that I could watch :slight_smile:

Not sure how they might potentially do against Nashville.


IIRC MacDavid is playing hurt at the moment


Oilers were out for blood after the previous game and I cannot blame them. I just wish my Packers got a chance for that kind of retribution after the Seattle game in 2012.