Mudspike Logistics - Diary of a Cargo Pilot

What a beautiful flight back from Astoria to Vernon, BC…this just northeast of Seattle…getting ready to go across the lumpy part of the state…

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Nice stacking of routes you really maximized your flight time on that day, payoff for good planning, and nice skin @RocLobster :+1:

@BeachAV8R your screenshots in this thread have made me revisit XP10, but your scenery looks much better than what I see in mine, I’ve installed some of the custom scenery you mentioned which helps, but it still doesn’t look nearly as nice as that Anacortes screenshot you posted above, are you using some photo scenery as well?

I’m a XP10 noob, I’ve had it a long time and like how the planes feel but never had the patience to do much scenery hunting and installing so I spend most of my time in P3D with lots of Orbx, here’s what I have installed in XP10, any hints on what does that anacortes screenshot ?

SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Canadian_Rockies_130_SUMMER/
SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Final_Frontier_10-v-100/
SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/KPAE_Snohomish-Boeing_Paine_Field_110/
SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/KSEA Demo Area/
SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/x_Prefab_Airports_1/
SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/x_Prefab_Airports_2/
SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/x_Prefab_Library/
SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/3D_people_library/
SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/OpenSceneryX/
SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/KSEA Demo Terrain/
SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/ZZ_cloudmaxx/

Have you tried alpilotx scenery? He has two types UHD and HD…I’m using the UHD scenery for that Seattle/Olympia/Portland/Salem area…

When you install it…you typically put it down at the bottom of the scenery.ini list…

Downloads for the UHD stuff is here:

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Thanks! Will give that a try.

@BeachAV8R could you ellaborate on the auto-populate feature you were talking about? I’ve noticed that before in your shots and am quite interested!

Have to concur with @Kludger. That terrain looks fantastic @BeachAV8R.

Basically a guy wrote a scenery package that uses prefabricated scenery to populate all the barren airports (which is most of them) with generic, but nice looking scenery. They won’t be placed in accurate places as far as the real airport layout, but they will (mostly) align with ramp areas and be believably placed so that it almost looks like a custom made airport.

His description:

This scenery package for X-Plane 10.50 contains 25000 airports with 33 types of sceneries (in 3 different layouts and 3 climates zones), which I call Prefab airports. The package helps filling the empty X-Plane world and is mainly meant for all those airports for which no Custom Scenery is available (yet).

All the Prefab airports in the package have:

- Scenery: buildings, hangars, planes, FlyBy planes (in the air), 3D people etc. (see images)

- Taxiways with signs, lines, centerlines, lights and runways holds

- ATC routes (only package 1), can be used with X-Life and WorldTraffic

- Platforms with ramp starts and fence around the airport

- Airport boundaries, exclusion zones and ground textures

- All original X-Plane data of airports (ATC frequencies, beacons, etc.)

The install instructions are important since you need to adjust your scenery.ini so that the package loads in the proper sequence.

The download is here: Prefab scenery for 25000 airports - Scenery Packages (v11,v 10, v9) - X-Plane.Org Forum


Had a discount coupon for a % off a vendor…so I applied it to the Alabeo sale and picked up the PA31 Chieftan 350 for FSX in anticipation of eventually starting an Air Hauler 2 career.


That trailer is just a single take of someone skipping between the views in FSX… So much could have been cut to only show some of the details or operations that are simulated…

So I take it the trailer didn’t sell it to you? :wink:

No…the thing that sold it to me is that I’ve already got the Cessna 402 for X-Plane, and I wanted a different twin for my FSX install - I’m trying not to duplicate the airplanes in each sim. Plus I’ve never flown a Chieftain in real life (or Navajo), so it was appealing. That modern panel also sold me too…

It’s somewhat frustrating because I still have to buy and keep up with (well, I don’t have to…but I do) my FSX: Steam install because there are things for it that aren’t offered for X-Plane. (Like Air Hauler 2). So I’m still fairly invested in ORBX products and some other add-ons. If there were a 1:1 mirroring of products for X-Plane (sort of like how Carenado has been doing), I’d walk away from FSX and never look back.

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Fortunately I never got that invested in FSX, especially recently it seemed like pouring money into a pit that I do not know how deep it is. X-plane is pretty clear on what it has and is by default. FSX, with the original, the SE, and P3D has become a bit of a mess, although you’d have to get ORBX for all of em. Add to that the high price of ORBX and it gets all a little bit too much.

I am fully over :slight_smile: Although FSEconomy is a bit trickier now since there are less planes for it in X-plane.

Too funny. I bought the badass Chieftain for P3D yesterday with the same plans in, mind along with the C404 Titan for X-Plane. That Chieftain is a monster.

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Looking forward to the FSX career as I still didnt switch to XP

I just started it last night. I will say that AH2 is much more fully featured than AH1…and is probably the better choice. I’ll post up a review/preview in a couple days…

Thanks again to my friend @RocLobster for hooking me up with the beautiful EPOCH Passage Aviation paint scheme in Astoria! With fresh paint, it’s time to load up 606 pounds of potatoes to run back over to my home base in Vernon. I’ll be picking them up out of WN05, a small grass strip south of Olympia. Once again, the weather is very favorable in the Pacific Northwest. The 263 nm leg should take around 1+45 or so of flight time…

So far, my company is running pretty smoothly. From my initial in debt position of ($4,058) on October 1, I’ve managed to haul six contracts and am in the black for $18,416 now…

The first leg of my trip today is a reposition from Astoria over to WN05 (Harris) - a short hop of only 50 miles (nevermind the flight planning box on the map, I transposed the cruise speed and altitude!)…

Taxiing out for departure at Astoria…

A nice flight up the Columbia River…

Sun coming up…

Harris is pretty easy to find and soon we are touching down to pick up our cargo and some fuel…

Back into the sky we start the slow climb to our planned cruise at 11,000’ to cross the high terrain west of Seattle. I’ve planned to go to Seattle VOR and then direct up to Princeton VOR which should keep me away from the highest terrain east of Seattle…

Lewis/McChord area…

The clouds build the further north I go…coming up on SeaTac…

Soon I’m leaving behind the lower elevations around Seattle and head across the jaggies to the east…

I think that might be Mt. Logan in the distance…but obscured…

For a good portion of the route the route clouds press down and I’m IMC quite a bit of the time…

After crossing the high mountains I start to recognize some terrain closer to home…Princeton…

Coming up on Okanagan Lake and Kelowna…time to start easing down…

I grab the weather from nearby Kelowna since Vernon doesn’t have weather reporting. Conditions favor flying up the east side of ridge over Wood Lake and Kalamalka Lake to come into Vernon from the east…

Another one in the books!

Now I’m going to explore more of the local scenery area and some of the Tom Curtis package…the area just one of his packages (of the three) covers is enormous…



For this to really mimic reality when you are starting your business you need your customers to delay paying you for at least 120 to 180 days and your vendors expecting payment from you for your supplies COD or in extreme instance Cash in Advance. :wink:


Yeah…or I could just start with two million dollars, spend one million, and accumulate 1.5 million in debt. That’d be about on par with most aviation startups…

It is not just aviation startups that have that kind of track record.


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I’m trying really hard to resist picking this up for FSX… but I feel by the end of the night I may.

Dang you @BeachAV8R lol

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Well, you could wait for my AH2 preview article in a few days or so…but it really is very, very good. Understanding that it is Early Access at this point though. I’m pretty sure I read that all stats or companies or something will end up being wiped out when it goes full release (that I’m just pulling from my memory though…so not sure about that…)