Mudspike Logistics - Diary of a Cargo Pilot

Actually I read the same thing somewhere. I’ll probably wait a little bit, but giving FSX some purpose sounds fun instead of aimlessly flying.

This is second sim forum today where I am dealing in some way with the kind of phrase like ‘aimless flying’… it suits me well… in fact I am not even aimlessly flying anymore, I am just aimlessly visiting sim forums and searching for some motivation to do any flying.
Well its not you, you are doing it right, lot of good articles, lot of nice pics… grate job. but I still havent found what Im lookin for…

You’re making me verrrrry interested in AH2.

-Edit- I’m curious, is there any sort of “multiplayer” functionality? Such as the ability to start a company and have other human pilots flying for you?

-Edit x2- Looks like I answered my own question when I dug a little deeper:


  • Create, staff and fly for your own Virtual Airline or for other players’ Virtual Airlines.
  • Work with other Air Hauler 2 pilots in game to complete community goals to build new facilities such as commodity fabrication factories or aircraft construction facilities.
  • Compete for jobs from a global shared job bulletin board.
  • Work together with other Air Hauler 2 players to introduce new facilities and commodities into the game by completing shared missions and objectives.[/quote]

Now that sounds god damn excellent.

Stop it guys, you are going to cost me a fortune if i swallow the bait

Thankfully I’ve spent 5$ on fsx and flown it maybe 30 mins so I don’t feel the need to get to invested and then get ah2.

Im not sure I’ll go after ah for x-plane either though. With xp11 coming out I’m going to have to save for new computer parts and then get that and who knows if ah will work with it.

With little spare time and little capital I dont feel like I would start new air hauling co.

So after some desperate wandering around the forums I made a decision. I should get hired by some existing cargo startup and do some job for them :slight_smile:

And here is one looking very good. Based on quite nice piece of planet, with chief pilot departed to south pacific and with not satisfied shrimp cargos I decided to start flying for Mudspike Logistics.

One note: I will give @BeachAV8R as an example of how the AARs should look like. All the necessary info is part of the report. Fuel loads, route planning, maps, etc. This is really asset for virpilot like me with limited pc time.This way I can easily relive the experience :+1:

You would say that there is no challenge in this, but you can be sure that there is. I was sitting on my bed with laptop on my knees running FSX via TeamViewer on my gaming rig… controlling surfaces with keyboard… fps 1-15 :smiley:

Sooo… another shrimp delivery required by Kamloops? No problem!

Weather report is nice to me today

Departing from (default FSX) Vernon in my poor Carenado C172N. Not much to see here…

With slight fog obscuring the valleys is the navigation little more exciting during anyway nice and easy day

Hopefully I can finally see my destination, there is river from north and big lake, this should be it

Finally on final to CYKA, not bad for default scenery I would say

The final looks pretty smooth… bud once again 1-15 fps, on a keybeard… this approach definitely qualified for one of (my) Most Dangerous Approaches :cold_sweat:

It was nice to fly again. Hope I will do some more jobs for Mudspike Logistics :wink:


I feel like I should be getting a management fee…!

…and that’s a great report. Things could get interesting in that region of that prevailing good weather pattern starts to disappear…!

Nice report @NEVO!

It should get interesting if you fly in the PNW the next couple of days with live weather, supposedly the remnants of Typhoon Songda will be hitting starting tonight through Sunday, supposedly tons of rain and wind gusts 35-80mph, I’m in Seattle and it’s been raining buckets all day, stuff is starting to flood but the winds haven’t started yet, not sure how much to trust the weather forecast because the news tend to over dramatize all the windstorms here due to our usually mild wet weather…

BTW I upgraded Air Hauler 2 to the latest version 1.32 and it’s working fine for me with P3D so if you were having problems with the previous version this one seems fine.


80 mph winds in my 130 mph 172RG might make for some long flights…and short ones!

Just think with an 80mph tailwind you could go 210mph and have record delivery times for that cargo as long as you keep heading East hehe…

Anyone in North Dakota need 400 lbs. of shrimp?

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Since I don’t know if I’ll be able to fly the next couple of days, I decided to try and go for a flight this evening to visit KTIW (Tacoma Narrows) and see if it’s a good place to move the base of Kludged Air, since it has ILS and costs only $8k per month compared to having my base here at KPAE (Everett Payne Field) which costs $28k/month.

Cleared for IFR takeoff as the wind is gusting at 25kts (P3D windsock stays limp though):

Climbing to IFR cruise altitude 8k, wind is better up here at 19kts:

Seattle Approach decides to route me over downtown Seattle and wants me to drop altitude from 8k down to 2k, hope it’s not so windy down there as it is up here (39kts):

They also route me right by KBFI Boeing Field and KSEA Seatac, the weather is still pretty bad there:

Thankfully it gets better as I fly farther south and approach Tacoma Narrows and I manage to put it down recording a “Greaser” landing in AH2:

Really pleased with how the Flight1 GTN-750 and AP flew the RNAV GPS RWY 17 approach like a champ despite all the rocking from the wind, thankfully I didn’t have to resort to ILS because I still suck at those, still need take some remedial training on ILS.

After tying down to keep the PA-44 safe from the storm, I made arrangements to build a new base here, the construction costs are $90k which is a bit of a shock, but overall I will recover the costs after just 4 months of rent compared to KPAE.

This is a big gamble because I only see 2 jobs that start or end here, hopefully once I start flying from here more jobs/routes will appear (hope that’s how AH2 works), otherwise I’ll still need to stop off at KPAE where the jobs are.

(P3D 3.4.9, ASN, REX Softclouds, ORBX PNW, Alabeo PA-44, F1 GTN-750, Air Hauler 2)


Cool report…beautiful plane! And yes, I think once you re-enter AH2, it will generate new jobs at Tacoma Narrows when it recognizes it as your hub. And you know (you probably do know this) - that if you see a lucrative contract that looks good way out in the future (6 or 7 days)…you can lock it in and AH2 will remember that you have that job to do. Of course, if you don’t get to simming in that period, the contract expires and you lose money and reputation…

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Thanks for confirming that me moving my base increases the cargo economy at that new base (that’s a relief).

Yeah one of the things I like about AH2, is the sim world keeps happening in real time even if we don’t fly, jobs expire, rent is due and paid etc. Really cool and has often encouraged me to find time in my evening to fly a quick flight just to make the job deadlines, so I’m flying P3D way more often than I did in the past.

I also love that it shows the other AH2 flyers on the map, cool to see in real time what and where other AH2 pilots are flying, especially when they are in the same area. I see that it has a chat feature, but I haven’t tried it, if I see one of you guys on I’ll give that a try sometime (my callsign is Kludger there too).

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Very jealous this isn’t xplane compatible (ah2). Heck ah may not even work at all in xp11

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Indeed. AH2 would be a complete blast in XP10 (or 11). I haven’t tried the chat feature yet either…although I have watched the realtime map to see others flying around doing their jobs. Who knows, maybe JustFlight will reconsider as XP continues to gain marketshare. It sure seems like more and more people are flying it…

I am hopeing that they first develop it for FSX/P3D and then XP after all!

Fine report. Want to ask what you say about the Alabeo PA-44 ? Looks really greate!

The PA-44 is great, it has replaced the longtime favorite Carenado c337 as my go to plane for flying in framerate sensitive areas like Seattle Orbx PNW area.

Flies really well, has switchable glass and steam gauge panels and allows for GPS addons like RXP and GTN-750.

I went a bit crazy during the recent Alabeo plane sale and bought 5 planes, all of them great, but I’ve been spending all my time flying the PA-44.

Good thread on the plane in case you needed more feedback:

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