Mudspike logo of dark theme too big on mobile

Since a week or two, the Mudspike logo has gotten bigger on my Android (Chrome) version of Mudspike. This leads to the top right buttons being pushed down, to the point where I cannot read topic titles and/or the “Create New Topic” button. Luckily I still knew it was there.

Anybody else with the same problem?

For clarity: in both of these screens I have scrolled all the way up and thus cannot scroll any further to reveal what is hidden under the Mudspike logo and menu bar at the top

Actualy I always had a problem with some controls being hiden by the top menu bar.

On the other hand I like the new logo :slight_smile:

On Android Firefox it looks good. I am using the white theme though.

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Good remark @Aginor !

I am using DARK theme for the interface like you @Freak. Thats why your pics looked natural to me :slight_smile:

Now tested with LIGHT theme and all OK. So it seems that only DARK ( side ) is afected.

btw Chrome browser here


Excellent troubleshooting guys.
So the message to The Big Kahuna @Admin :frog: is that a bigger Mudspike logo is used on dark theme, on mobile, which does not fit on mobile screens.

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I accidentally got stuck in light theme today after testing, and now when I switch back, I have this! Thanks @fearlessfrog !

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Thanks for the report guys. It was because I tried to do a dark logo, and think I forgot the mobile one.

Refresh and try again now.

Also, don’t forget on mobile the the Discourse App works well for us, although pretty much the same performance as the web.


Good Job!

How do we switch to the dark theme?

Here you go - User Selectable Themes - Including Dark

Collaborative effort with @Sryan :slight_smile: User Selectable Themes - Including Dark - #3 by Sryan


Something weird is going on, there’s two logos now, one black, one white.


Thanks - should be fixed up now.


It is only the black one when I’m scrolling down in a topic and I get the topic title in the top bar. All other times, I now have only the white logo

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Thanks - Refresh and try now. I’ll get there in the end. :slight_smile:


All dark now, thanks for fixing!

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thats clever, like it

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I understand the Tomcat Hype, and I’m hyped up for it as well… But the Tomcat background is a little on the bright side for a dark theme… It’s slightly difficult to read, and nausea inducing when scrolling due to seeing 4 seperate images. May I suggest we use a different background? As an option, I provided a still that could be used. It is an image taken from the Tomcat pre-purchase trailer with its brightness further adjusted.

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Good idea - updated the dark version, thanks!

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So much better! thanks!

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