Mudspike mug unboxing

Exciting news was upon me today when word reached me a package had been delivered! What could it be?!

It musy be the mug!

Why thank you too! Next up we find some papers, perhaps a treasure map or recipe for coffee?

Well, lets see if it did!

It did! I will review the coffee drinking experience tonight!!


Awesome! Glad it came through unbroken… Good luck with mastering the Mug’s Special Powers…


PS - Don’t expect The Mug to improve your Rise of Flight dogfighting skillz. I’ve been drinking from that damn cup for nearly a year now and I got shot down about a dozen times last night. Filling it with beer helps soothe the savage beast however, and firms up those CCIP deliveries…


Hmm…get me to thinking actually…a present for my own Father’s Day…(in addition to all those Steam cards…)