Mudspike Rise of Flight Fly-In: June 4-5

Mudspike Rise of Flight Fly-In: June 4-5

By @EinsteinEP - May 21, 2016

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Mudspikers are taking to the air in another Fly-In: this time, in their World War I kites in Rise of Flight.

The original furball.

Just like all Mudspike Fly-In events, participation is free and open to all levels of skill, experience, and confidence.

To join the fun, you will need a FREE copy of Rise of Flight. Slots should be available for just about every aircraft. DLC like the Channel Map should not be necessary, but we can find an available mission, if the interest is there.

Although not required, voice comms are strongly recommended. Log in to the Mudspike Teamspeak 3 server to join in the fun!

“Here comes the Hun, doo-doo-doo-dooooo-doo,…”

There are no sign-ups, no assessment tests, no fees, no required modules, no required modifications. Just join up and enjoy!

If you’ve been putting off playing multiplayer because it’s just too daunting, or if you’ve been longing to practice tactical formations or advanced BFM with a human instead of robotic AI, now is the time!

Here’s just a snippet of what you missed last time:

On June 4th and 5th, dial into our Teamspeak 3 server, log in to a Mudspike Rise of Flight World Fly-In server, and say hello!

More details will made be available in our forums here.


And there’s… ANOTHER SALE!

Gear up!

Ya’ know…I bought RoF…but now I can’t figure out WHERE I bought it from…LOL…I gotta search my records…

Oh hey…I found it, I bought it on Amazon on Feb 14, 2012 (Valentines present for me?? Oh…how sweet!) and have never installed it.

So it’s the Iron Cross Edition (I bought if for $9.99 according to my records):

What does that mean? And as a complete newb to it…should I be buying any of those planes for sale up there?

The Iron Cross edition included an additional plane, one of the Nieuports, IIRC.

There are a bunch of cool planes available in the ROF store, it’s hard to advise one way or the other. I really enjoy the big bombers (Handley Page and the Gotha), but there are lots of good choices. There are float planes to complement the Channel Map, and don’t forget to look over all the field mods for your aircraft!

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Would like to join in this Fly in if possible, not used RoF in a while but used to really enjoy it, I assume you guys use teamspeak or suchlike?

Just TeamSpeak. You can see our server details here: Articles - Mudspike Forums

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I demand we try out one round this fly-in where TeamSpeak comms are verboten the moment you leave the ground. You must use the in-game hand signals! :smiley:

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:thumbsup: :hand_splayed:

You want to buy Channel Battles Edition. This is the latest version with most content. Stupid Amazon won’t take down ICE. It should not be up there.

However, just download our client from our website and buy some planes. We have one of our sales going on right now.



Thanks for the clarification, @Stratojet! Luckily, in this case, Beach had already purchased ICE long time ago, but I’m hoping this means he’ll be in for the Fly-In on 6/4.

How about you?

I’m hoping I’ll be able to join in…but I’m going to be in Dallas at SimuFlite for that weekend. I’ll load RoF on my laptop and see how it performs.

So if I bought the Amazon version - do I download that and update it somehow or do I just download a version from the RoF site and apply my serial number to it?

There might be another calendar issue pending:

Title says: “Mudspike Rise of Flight Fly-In: June 5-6” (which would be Sun-Mon)
Text says “On June 4th and 5th, dial into our Teamspeak 3 server, log in to a Mudspike Rise of Flight World Fly-In server, and say hello!” (Sat-Sun)

I guess the text is right then…

It might also help to suggest a UTC time for some really big furballs :wink:

I might try and make it on the Sunday (5th)… we’ll see. I am awesomely awful at this, x100 if you guys play without nametags or the friendly/enemy tags or whatever they’re called.

But I do love smashing kites :slight_smile: I’ve played the vanilla campaigns a few times, usually flying nieuports, and always play Dead is Dead. Managed to become an ace once or twice before being buried beneath some trenches.

Anyway, hope to join in. Any word on timing for the two days?

[quote=“miRage, post:14, topic:2072”]
Title says: “Mudspike Rise of Flight Fly-In: June 5-6” (which would be Sun-Mon)Text says “On June 4th and 5th, dial into our Teamspeak 3 server, log in to a Mudspike Rise of Flight World Fly-In server, and say hello!” (Sat-Sun)[/quote]
Doh. Thanks for the catch, @miRage, I’ve updated the article. Hopefully it’s correct now. :frowning:

Any suggestions? I’ll be on Saturday AM MST (1600-1900 UTC) and am mostly looking for flying bombers in formation with escorts (and adversaries, of course!).

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I’m on an air show in the afternoon. 18:00 UTC should be possible for me. Looking forward to it…

Where’d everyone go? :slight_smile: Online now.

Be there in a minute. Just gotta land this darn Kodiak real quick…

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Wont be available for a couple hours