Mudspike spinning mud in Spintires?!

I presume most of us have Spintires, and thus we should take it upon ourselves to play this online! Most maps can be completed in a 2 hour session anyway, although I am one to explore all nooks and crannies to be honest. It’s about the journey for me. Anyone up for this?

Witness my valiant bridge building activities with logs that disappear :frowning:

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I think spintires is a great co-op game, i would be down for some mud action

(oohh errr that could be taken the wrong way)

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I’m in. It’s really funny in coop

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Haven’t played it in coop yet, but I think it really might be cool.

How many players can play it together?

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last time I played (a while ago) its max four to a Co-op

I am bogged down(hah!) in parties this weekend, how’s everyone looking for the weekend after that?


I might be available 1900 utc upwards

I can possibly do this weekend. 1900 UTC may be a good time as I live in England. Which day ?

Well this weekend is off for me, but don’t let that hold anyone back!

So we doing this?

I would like to!
I can play on most weekdays between around 20:00CET and midnight.
Also on most saturday afternoons and at some point in the evening.

Not sure how cet will work for me (in england) but i am always on teamspeak when available. So just come and get me :slight_smile:

Basically I am just one hour ahead of you. I’ll contact you. :slight_smile:

Done deal !!! :laughing:

And has something happened? I’m sick this week so I cannot judge how capable I will be tomorrow evening though.

on early shifts starting sunday morning, so unfortunately I wont be around tomorrow evening.

I admit I wanted to, but… no time. So probably next week.

Sounds good to me, I am no fun to have around now anyway!

I know I’m late, but I’ll definitely play.

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