Mudspike WRC - December 2023 Championship [COMPLETE]

A 3 x Rally Championship for December has been created.

  • Rally Portugal
  • Rally Kenya
  • Rally Pacifico

WRC2 cars will be utilized.

Each Rally is approximately 7 days long and the championship concludes on 23 December 2023 at 1318 UTC. (Times above are USA Central.)

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If you are not part of the Mudspike WRC club, see this post about joining


A few things to be aware of at these rally locations.

  • The stages are shorter in length so we should see competitive time differentials.
  • Portugal has many large rocks/boulders that can do serious damage.
  • The Kenya stages have many fast straight sections which abruptly become sharp turns. Or in your co-driver’s language a 1 or 2.
  • Pacifico is a ficitonal location which also has some deceivingly fast sections.

There will be more variations in time of day and weather. You can check ahead without actually racing the stage. Just look at the Racenet page and click on each stage. Then you can setup a Quickplay with those exact settings and drive them as many times as you want utilizing the Restart option.


Just finished Portugal. I had two times a black monitor on the very first stage, which cost some time to get out of the green again. Otherwise some minor mistakes and off tracks here and there, but managed to complete the stages.

Usually I just drive the Rally stages without preparation but the shake-down or two. I already have my GT3 rFactor 2 league where I drive in circles all day long :slight_smile:


Just finished Portugal. Not bad. First stage and second stage had some stutters. I turned the upscaler off for the 3rd stage, and it was smooth sailing.

Wasnt a bad drive.


Laid down my times at Portugal. What a scenic drive through the Portuguese backcountry!

Yeah, the stutters are still there so I turned off DLSS. Funny thing is my fps didn’t drop, but it was smooth sailing like weaponz248 said. Codemasters/EA need to sort out this fps performance issue as it’s not looking good for VR implementation.

Stage 1 Air time

Stage 2 - Muddy, slippery stage… which meant for excellent handbrake moments

When your co-drivers says don’t cut… :see_no_evil:

… big hit which got me sideways, but I kept it going relatively forward. I’d imagine if hardcore damage was on, that would’ve been a near terminal ending.

Stage 3 - sunset drive made for an excellent visual experience.


Sorry guys, but I’m going to have to back out of EA WRC rallies until Codemasters enables VR. I tried running it on the virtual desktop in VR, but I am having a hard time with depth perception. I really like the sim, especially Monte Carlo rally and how it switches from dry tarmac to snow and ice. That’s brilliant. There is a lot of potential, so hoping that they get motivated and release VR. Going back to DR2 in the meantime.

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Rally Kenya is live, btw.


Kenya is quick and fun. Great veiws coming over some hills.

Those 1right and 1lefts come up quick though

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After 3 stages at Kenya, Saghen pips Weaponz248 by less than a second! :grimacing:


I’m back in - managed to stumble across a very useful link in someone else’s support message at EA and have finally got them to link my Steam account. So I’ll get on with driving as soon as I can :wink:

Don’t know if I’ll be in time for Kenya, though.

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Seem to have found a bug. I did a quick stage to test my set-up and all went well.
When I did the shakedown for the Mudspike event all went well.
When I tried to start the rally no input was recognised from any device and I was stuck and had to Alt-F4

I know you’re all just dying to see some shots of me driving the Kadett GT/E at Malti :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: so…

Now I’ll try to race again.

btw I actually bought one of these to race in 1989, but a big life change meant I had to ditch the idea and gave the car to my best bud to race instead.


Did they update the email address on the original EA account or did they just delete it and create a new account?


Deleted it. I only had Star Wars Squadrons on it so wasn’t bothered.

I’ve had a go and this time it worked. Last but expected - things will improve as I get more comfy.

Real rallying is far easier than doing it on a PC :roll_eyes:

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And completed the rally - pretty much.

I didn’t do the first stage because as reported it was bugged and wouldn’t let me drive. After Alt-F4 closure and restarting, it counted the stage as run, so must have incurred some penalty because it has placed me a very long way behind everyone else in the overall results.

Stage 3 was fun - but I messed up when i took my foot off the gas at the yellow finish board instead of the red one! Would have avoided the wooden spoon if I hadn’t done that - grrrr! Missed by half a second…

Still, it’s immense fun and I’m whooping and smiling my way round! :smile:

Thanks for running this - would never have bought the game otherwise.


Rally Kenya is in the books. Nice turnout. Johnny, glad you were able to sort out the EA-Steam link issues. And welcome Rusty to the Mudspike WRC club.

Rally Pacifico is now live through December 23.

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Just set the low bar for Pacifico… leaving for Germany tomorrow so had to get them done and in the books. Watch those speeds, you get a lot of straight-out parts with a sharp turn right after a jump.

Back before the new year. Out.


Tell ya what, racing on my new 1440 monitor is far better than it ever was on my HD smaller ones! :smiley:


Never mind - I’d started the game before checking but I realised we wouldn’t be doing it that way when it took me nearly 15 minutes and getting aches while wasn’t even halfway through stage 1! Man, that is a very long stage!

Glad we’re not going the full monty :grimacing:

*6.00 in first stage practice with 2 offs. Must do better! :smile:


Was slower than my practice time (6:08 v 6:00) was too careful on the wet second stage and then banzai’d it on the last stage and consequently missed a couple of turns.

bad show. But fun :slight_smile:


A little less than 24 hours remain for Rally Pacifico and the championship.

I still need to finish stages 2 and 3. Just got home. I actually did stage 1 with a controller last night in my hotel room. :face_with_peeking_eye: