Mudspike WRC - February 2024 Championship [COMPLETE]

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(Time is USA Central. 6:00am = 1200 UTC)

A 2-event WRC championship for February has been created.

  • Sweden
  • Monaco

Each Rally:
3 stages
7 days duration

***Expect light to heavy snow at Sweden and icy conditions at Monaco.

Sweden: Starts at 1200 UTC - 17 February (ends 24 February at 1159 UTC)
Monaco: Starts at 1200UTC - 24 February

World Rally Car 1997-2011 will be utilized

:checkered_flag: :racing_car:

** If you are not part of the Mudspike WRC club, see this post about joining!


And we are… live.


Just finished Sweden. Stage 1 was fast, Stage 2 I jumped the start and cut a corner so I lost 15 seconds right there. Stage 3, not bad.

Got to say the Subaru is a beast.


Rally Sweden: Challenging conditions to say the least. :snowflake: :cold_face: went off in Stage 3 and took an 8 second penalty. Good fun overall

During a practice run for Stage 2, I hit a snow/ice bank and rolled my Lancer 4 times. :sweat_smile:

Lost both doors, the trunk and heavy body damage. I was able to finish though.

The night time immersion with the flares held by the fans is fantastic.


PSA: As of this post, about 19 hours remain for Rally Sweden.

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Thanks for the reminder! Did my stages to ensure my last place is secured :wink: Jokes aside, I blew a tire hitting some logs in stage 1. I went for a repair, with a 90 second penalty. So I finished the rally overall with a 2:18 minutes distance to @Chaz . Last place secured on the last day!


Treacherous conditions at Rally Monaco especially stages 2 and 3.

Played a little pinball machine with the walls and fences on stage 2 and took light body work damage. Stage 3: night plus heavy snow… trust in your co-driver. :handshake:

Monaco (and the game in general) runs MUCH better since their latest patch. I recall most of us, if not all, were having big stutters and some graphics artifacting when we first drove here back in the early go of the game.


This one was a difficult drive, at least for me. No major crashes, but managed to once got stuck at a traffic sign … Still on a third place, but some hours to go!

Congrats to the podium and everyone that came out to drive in our most challenging conditions to date.

Rally Sweden Results

Rally Monte Carlo Results

Final Championship Standings