Mudspike WRC - January 2024 Championship [COMPLETE]


A 2-event Rally Championship for January has been created.

  • Central Europe Rally
  • Rally Italia Sardegna

3 stages per Rally.
Check the weather beforehand. Each rally will have wet conditions on 1 of the stages.

World Rally Car 1997-2011 will be utilized

Each Rally is 7 days long and the championship concludes on 27 January 2024 at 1247 UTC. (Dates/Times above are USA Central.)

:checkered_flag: :racing_car:

** If you are not part of the Mudspike WRC club, see this post about joining!


Picked the Skoda Fabia for the Czech rally, figured I need the home advantage there. Went reasonably well, but only two drivers ( @Magnum50 and me) completed the three stages so far. Time’s running out on this one!

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Yep, I’m always in first place, at least for a few days. lol

unfortunately i had to sit out this week and likely next due to work recurrent training.

But TeTet took the Rally win at Central Europe. Congrats!

Final standings. Congrats to @TeTeT (McBoggle) on taking the championship!

Turnout was lower than previous rallies. I took a backseat due to work commitments. but I’ll be back in the next one.

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