Multi Crew game - "Wolfpack"

Not sure how many of you guys are into multi crew games, but I’ve found one that I’d like to share and/or play with some people here. It’s in early Alpha called “Wolfpack”. It’s a Swedish u-boat game coded by 2 (I believe) Swedish developers. It needs a lot of work still (it’s in Alpha, duh), but it has huge potential AND it’s multi-crew up to 4, I believe.

Let me know if anyone is interested, I am.


I think the 2d demo is just in German language only? My mistake. It does look interesting.

How does it compare to IronWolf so far, or is it because it can be run standard desktop it’s not that similar to a VR only thing?

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They have a VR version but it’s in Alpha stage also, I don’t know anything about that one. I don’t have a VR set ‘yet’.

The one I’m talking about is just the normal desktop (non-VR).


Ooh, color me interested.


Its based off of HMS marulken demo, HMS Marulken. Might be worth keeping an eye on

What really has me interested is that the team who was making HMS Marulken has teamed up with That is a god thing. Hopefully, it will have more sim aspects instead of being too gamey.

Definitely worth a keen eye.


Froogle has a play at it, quite old video.


Marulken was a great proof of concept - i’m really looking forward to wolfpack

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I was checking out the UBOAT topic and sort of found this again. I think this looks more ‘plot the target on a big map’ style of gameplay, which I think I’d prefer (like old Silent Hunter stuff). This one looks multiplayer only though?

Anyone have this, and is it still being updated? The last patch looks like 0.15 on 13th April or something - I wonder how it is now? Is it doable with 2 people?

No new video since 2016, which is worrying.

Yeah, I played HMS Marulken quite a lot, on TS with three other guys from the DCS VS I used to be on. It was great fun, even at that early stage of development. I am still in touch with them, and we have been keeping an eye on Wolfpack, as we are interested in seeing how it developed. I always played fire control, and used to use my Arc-1 flight computer to help confirming solutions, LOL!

That is my comment, at any rate.

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Jabbers did a video on it last week

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Missed this the first time around. Looks pretty interesting.


Also looking at wolfpack, its a very small team and will be a while before finished. Multiplayer only, however you can single run the ship. Some you tube vids out there showing how to do it. I guess the very nature of submarine warfare where everything runs slowly lays benefit to running your ship single handedly.

I believe the devs are looking into basic AI in some stations to help this. The game is random missions putting you at see near some contact of various descriptions, so navigating to port and back is not really an option.

I do not own it, but have been watching it for years and still watch youtube vids on it that get released.


I am interested in trying this out. I have not got the Wolfpack game itself, yet, but a couple of friends on Discord (who have played Marulken) are deciding whether get it, if we can sort out a semi-regular crew. I, and they, are most probably up for joining in here, if anything is organized. Conversely, anyone can alternately join us for odd try outs of the sim. As you wish.