Multiple DCS accounts - one computer?

Looking for some guidance here - I have a project where I need to have a separate DCS World account (with separate purchased module serial numbers) but they will reside on the same computer. Can I just log in and out of the accounts using the same base install and DCS World will just recognize the different user - or will that cause a problem with authorizations? I did a little Googling, but I’m not sure if the advice still holds true that maybe I can have different Windows User accounts that will keep the registry/serial numbers separate? But could I still use the same install? I’m trying to avoid having two redundant installs on the same computer.

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I bet @SkateZilla would know Good luck, is it for an article or are they letting you have a sneak preview of the Hind and the Jug :wink:

I believe it’s best to go with separate windows user accounts to keep the registry accurate. I could be wrong though

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login data is stored in saved games IIRC.

you can log into multiple accounts, just remember that the keyless drm is linked to ed account and has limits on signed in instances and the starforce is linked to hardware.

you can for instance:
Log in as one user for use of your normal purchased modules, log out/exit dcs, log in as a different user for test/press copy modules and Modules not owned by machine or account will be disabled.

I would recomennd a build for one account and a separate build for the other though.

or a single install and just change the dcs_variant to point to different saved games folders.


It IS going to be for a series of articles, but it is not preview related - they are just straight up modules purchased by me on a different account.

I will give that and the different Windows User Accounts a try to make sure I won’t have any problems. I do worry that the hardware “signature” will match for both accounts and cause problems though…but I don’t know much about how that system works.

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